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Asus Refused to Register a Product

Level 7

So i went an bought almost a $1200 in upgrades have an OK mobo MSI Mag X570 Tomahawk. updated the bios and it started acting up.  decided to go and get a (renewed) TUF X570-Plus (wifi) from Amazon. even threw in the 15$ to get a 3 year warrantee  encase its a lemon.  Cant register it at all. after tiryng 3 times in emails and calling them. Then being told i need to contact Amazon to get the correct S/N for the mobo,  thats clearly on the side of the power but they cant find the product even sent them proof of purchase and a picture.  

yes i still have the new ROG Strix 850W white PSU and TUF AMD 7800XT card , and bought 2x p3+ 4tb NVME's

that was almost  $1200 in upgrades alone,

and i get burned by a $100 "renewed" mobo.. i almost want to send it all back and and never look at ASUS again.... 

ok ill cool off and get ready for more Starfield! still not decided to return it all .... would you give up on ASUS ?



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @arlongkpr 

Thank you for reaching out.
Based on your description, I'm not entirely sure if your current registration issue stems from an MSI motherboard or the renewed TUF X570-Plus (wifi).
We cannot assist you with registering an MSI motherboard. 
As for the renewed TUF X570-Plus (wifi), have you followed the guide and contacted the place of purchase to inquire about this matter?
Since the product serial number and related information are considered private, we do not recommend disclosing them in public comments.
Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.
If needed, please refer to "How to find Product Serial Number."

Thank you.

Thanks you, they allowed me to finally register the mobo, only 90 days. which is fine...

just alot of teeth pulling to get to that point.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @arlongkpr 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you encounter any further difficulties or have any concerns, please feel free to start another discussion thread or PM me anytime.

Thank you