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Asus QCode Error 53 After Restart.

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Hello good morning.
I have a problem, Every time I restart my computer the motherboard gives me error code 53 and it freezes on a black screen and I have to shut down the computer forcefully to be able to access again normally...

These are my components

I912900K + 


Asus Z790 Hero Bios 0904 + 

32 RAM G.Skill 6400 F5-6400J3239G16GA2-TZ5RK

4TB M.2 Samsung Pro 980 +

EVGA 3090 .

This is what I did to see if it fixes

1. Turning off fast boot

2. XMP on and off (no memtest issues in both cases. 0 errors)

3. CMOS reset and return to default settings.

4.Reinstall Windows 11

5.Downgrade BIOS version

6.Test in each RAM slot

7.Remove the graphics card to see if that was the problem

8.Test with a single RAM module

9.Change cooldown to see if it's too much pressure

I don't know what else to do to fix it...........



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Hi Alsa,

Did changing the ram and processor fix the problem for you? 

Hey AISa


Did the change in processor and memory fix your issue ? 


Level 8

Hello Jiaszzz_ROG,

Nevermind that. was able to fix the TPM by doing the following steps below.

1. Switching PTT to disable.

2. Save and Quit BIOS.

3. Going to BIOS again and Re-enabling PTT. 

This made the Trusted Platform Module Options appear back again.

The Code 53 on restart problem hasnt happened again so far. But willl have test more in the coming days and post my findings here.

Hello all,


Just to let you know all that I have the same motherboard and the same ram since march. It is frustrating. I even replaced my ram but still getting the same issues. I changed my cpu cooler, problems got better but still code 53 happens I am out of choices now only to switch to another mobo and another cpu and another ram. ASUS seems not interested in helping their customers to fix their issues

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Spawnaga 

May I ask if you are also using the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO and experiencing boot issues when installing the F5-6400J3239G16GA2-TZ5RK memory?
What is the BIOS version? Have you made any manual settings or attempted to clear CMOS? During the boot failure, did any Q-LED indicators light up?
Meanwhile, have you updated the Intel ME to the corresponding version in the BIOS? For example, the latest BIOS version of the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO is 1202, which requires updating the Intel ME to
Regarding the Q-code, have you referred to the steps in [Motherboard] Common Q-CODE(Error CODE) and Troubleshooting for ivestigating? Is your memory installed in the recommended slots, as stated in the user manual?

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Hello @Jiaszzz_ROG,

this is my system:


And yes I have the same RAM. I contacted G.Skills customer services and got an RMA. I replaced my 4 RAMs and still getting the same problem. I tried to change the BIOS voltages but not chance. I code in C++, JAVA and PYTHON and all these languages sometimes crushes my system with JAVA runtime error mainly unallocated memory location or unreachable but the RAMs. I thought maybe the heat from the CPU is doing that so I changed my AIO. The crushes have went down a lot. However, when I reboot my system I get that error of 53 or 55 and I can not start my system sometimes. When my system crushes I have to flash it. I can not use X.M.P feature at all. 

Note: I have not updated the Intel ME to I will try that and let you know


Thank you for the response

Hi Jiaszzz, I bought one week ago another ASUS motherboard but for the first time I have trouble. It is a Maximus Z790 Hero with a Intel i913900K and Corsair Vengeange DDR5 6000 Mhz CL 40 XMP 16x4 module. It is a clear install, no windows installed again, must do the first boot... but I can't because I get Code 53 and black screen on my monitor. Try to reset and restar but no way to see the bios.

Now I bought another Mobo, a ASUS  Strix B760, and new RAM for testing all the components again. 

Level 7

I'm facing the same exact issue.


z790 Hero

4090 Strix

GSkill 6400 32x2 TZ5RK


It's hard to recreate the issue but when it happens the only way to post is to power cycle the entire system. The issue only happens when restarting, but its not consistent.

Im on the 1202 bios and currently running 2 sticks A2 and B2

Yeah, nobody seems to have found a fix for it yet. Not even sure if ASUS is working on it. 

I think I may have fixed the issue on my side. So far I'm not having this restart issues after long gaming sessions anymore. However I'm not sure if it was because of this, but I'll share.

I purchased 2 sets of memory kits with the same exact specs, each kit comes with 2 sticks, so 2 sets makes a total of 4 sticks.

I installed all 4 sticks initially but not surprisingly, 4 sticks would not run at its XMP profile due to DDR5 and Z790. So I decided to run with only 1 set (2 sticks). When swapping out the ram sticks, I re-installed 2 sticks from the two different kits. I assumed that even though they're both from two separate kits, they had the same exact specs, so it was fine.

I only found out when I realize the 2 ram sticks I had that wasn't installed had their serial numbers sequence skipped by 1, like xxxx644 and xxxx646, I thought it was unusual as a kit of 2 sticks should be sequence (this is pure assumption).

I checked on the ram sticks that was installed and sure enough they were xxxx643 and xxxx645.

So I swap them out, and now running 2 sticks that came from the same kit with XMP.

No issues so far.


Now, my case seems to be pretty specific due to user error so I'm not sure if this may be relevant to everyone else facing this issue in this thread.