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Asus QCode Error 53 After Restart.

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Hello good morning.
I have a problem, Every time I restart my computer the motherboard gives me error code 53 and it freezes on a black screen and I have to shut down the computer forcefully to be able to access again normally...

These are my components

I912900K + 


Asus Z790 Hero Bios 0904 + 

32 RAM G.Skill 6400 F5-6400J3239G16GA2-TZ5RK

4TB M.2 Samsung Pro 980 +

EVGA 3090 .

This is what I did to see if it fixes

1. Turning off fast boot

2. XMP on and off (no memtest issues in both cases. 0 errors)

3. CMOS reset and return to default settings.

4.Reinstall Windows 11

5.Downgrade BIOS version

6.Test in each RAM slot

7.Remove the graphics card to see if that was the problem

8.Test with a single RAM module

9.Change cooldown to see if it's too much pressure

I don't know what else to do to fix it...........



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I think it is some component because for example I have a colleague who had the same problem, changing the ram and his problem was solved and another colleague had a problem with his processor.

Hi AlSa,

Have you arrived on a fix for this yet? Having the same problem with my newly built machine. Im getting the Code 53 on restarts.

Using the latest drivers and Bios downloaded from the Asus support website.

Asus Z790 Apex


2x32 GB Gskill- F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RS

ROG RTX 4090



I just bought those memories and also change my i9 12900k for the i9 13900k I hope to solve so my problem still do not reach me with my old components fail to solve the problem.

I just bought the i9 13900k had the i9 12900k 

Also buy your ram that you have

But I definitely think the problem is in a mobo or ram

My friend had the same problem and changed his rams

G.skill for a Kingston fury and the problem was solved 

I made the mistake of buying some new ram but they are of the G.skill brand again

They still do not reach me but apparently you have them And you have the problem.

It already made me doubt if it was a good decision to buy a G.skill again.

Oh please let me know if the new ram sticks fixes it for you. Im also at my wits end trying to find a fix for this, its so frustrating at this point.

The problem is that my new ram is G.skill so probably the problem I don't think it will be solved.

As I told you earlier my friend also had G.skill but the change to Kingston fury and his problem was solved.

Although below is another guy who changed his G.skill for a tforce but the problem is still in force then the plate will not be.

Hello, Good day your problem was solved?

Hi AlSa,

I'll update the BIOS and do some testing. I'll let you know if its fixed. Was it fixed for you?

Same issue. 53 after reboots. Not ram issue, did full memtest twice.

But, I reboot and power on/off for about 10 times respectively after updating to BIOS 1303, so far so good.

Board: Z790 Apex

RAM: G.Skill DDR5-6400 64GB(32*2)