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Asus ProArt X570-Creator WIFI not working with Apple Thunderbolt Display

Level 7

I recently upgraded from an Asus Z270-WS motherboard with a Thunderbolt EX-3 card. I was able to use an Apple Thunderbolt display with it without any problems using a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapter. Now, I am using the ProArt X570 motherboard which has onboard thunderbolt 4 ports and a single display port in port for the video to output through the thunderbolt. I can get an output using a usb c to hdmi adapter, but when I use the TB 3 - 2 adapter, I get no output. The Apple display works fine, and all the cables work fine because it was working on my previous machine. I've tried different settings in the bios, and I have updated the thunderbolt driver. I'm not sure what else to do. I have contacted ASUS support, but they keep misunderstanding me and telling me to do things I have already told them I tried. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Stenzilone .

May I ask if you could provide an image of the connection you described and share the following information as well?
- the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default)
- the serial numbers of the motherboard and Thunderbolt EX-3 card via PM
- the brand and model name of the CPU, DRAM, and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build
- the slot of the Thunderbolt EX-3 card currently installed (PCIEX16_1,2 or 3)


Thank you.