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ASUS Prime X670-E Pro Wifi Overclocking

Level 7

I have looked tirelessly for a guide on CPU overclocking for this motherboard. All the guides I've found are for ROG boards.

I have a 7950x. I recently swapped out for a 7950x3d and decided it wasn't a big enough performance upgrade to warrant the cost. I planned to sell my 7950x after the fact, but decided to wait a generation or two before upgrading to the 3D model. When I did the swap, I bent a pin on the MB socket and had to replace the MB. I just went with the same board because I think it's a pretty amazing board for the price.

Prior to the whole debacle, I was getting just shy of 38k on cinebench. Now, with the new MB, I've lost about 2k points off my score. I was pretty proud of that 37,998.

Any ideas on why I lost 2k points getting a new MB or links to a guide to overclocking, specifically for the Prime X670E, would be appreciated.