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Level 8

hi, i recently updated my pc, with intel Core I5 13500, Asus PRIME H770-PLUS D4 mobo and 32GB kingstone fury ram. I am quite a bit confused about my motherboard. is this motherboard good enough for this CPU? i want to use full potential and max boost clock of this CPU, i game a little. is this motherboard powerfull enough to use full power of the CPU core i5 13500? I used a Cooler master 120ML AIO for my cpu cooling. I would like to game and stream a little.


Level 10

This board and CPU are just fine. The 120mm AIO should be sufficient also (you only need 240mm for 13600K and 360+mm for 13700-13900). If you want to get maximum gaming experience (when you can) - get a discrete GPU and three monitors for immersive surround view (used are ok as long as all three are same model). Also make sure monitors and cables and GPU all can connect to each other. 

I have a dedicated gpu, sapphire rx 580. By the way did you check out my motherboard properly? When i use cinebench r23 my cpu thermal throttle. Thats why o asked about my 120m liquid aio

Level 10

Yes, I did check it - it can drive 12, 13 or 14 Gen intel CPUs. Prime are good motherboards, I used one myself (the X370). It is good enough for 13500 and for DDR4 memory you have. 

RX 580 can drive three monitors (you may need a DVI - to HDMI adaptor, or if you use DP display port - one of the monitors will need to have a pass-through DP capability with two DP sockets in the monitor so 2 DP sockets in the RX580 will allow to connect 3 DP monitors; HDMI could be the easiest route). As I presume you already have a monitor, see if you can find/borrow two more - to see if you like a 3-monitor setup.

Thank you. People saying this mobo has weak vrm and cooling. Can the processor use its full boost clock?