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Asus Maximums z790 hero, POST QLed lights up and displays random QCodes

Level 7

Hello, iv build a new pc with i9-13900k, rtx 4090, 64gb ram 5600mhz 32x2, ASUS hero z790.

On boot i get Q colours red, white than yellow for a spilt second, while displaying random Q codes until what seems like the temp.

After booting to windows login seems to show no Q codes or lights besides the CPU temp.

Would this be a normal post for this motherboard?.



Level 14

During POST, the Q-LEDs and Q-Codes only indicate an error if they stay on.  It's normal for the board to cycle through a lot of different Q-Codes during boot, that's how it works.  Some Q-Codes are errors, but many of them just indicate what is currently being tested/initialised during POST.  The codes only really matter if the POST fails or hangs, and usually only the final code is significant (an earlier number could be significant if it stays on for a lot longer than it should, or something like that, but usually just the last number tells you what caused the POST to fail).

If your system is booting successfully, with all Q-LEDs off after Windows starts, and generally running ok; there's no problem to investigate.

Thanks for sharing, sounds about right, never seen a board display it like this, my old board had Q-Codes come up AO and 40 which are all's well and woke from hibernated state. Would be nice to have seen that at the end maybe or just that after post.