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Asus Hero Z790 front USB C port not working

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for help with a problem with my Asus Hero Z790 motherboard, The front USB C port, the one on the case, doesn't work. If I connect my cell phone it gives me the message Device connected charging via USB, but the cell phone doesn't charge, nor does it give me a way to transfer data. But if I plug in an Xbox controller or anything else, it doesn't work. It doesn't seem to give any signal. I don't understand what it could depend on because if it doesn't work at all the cell phone shouldn't find anything but can you help me with some signals? the USB port behind the one on the motherboard still works correctly without problems


Super Moderator

Hi @camuut,

Can you confirm the below.





3. For Quick Charge support, you will need to connect the PD_12V_PWR connector






13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Good morning, Yes, I connected everything, both the cable from point nine and the cable from point six. I attach photos.

as you can see the cables are connected and the mobile phone reports something when it is connected but it seems that apart from locating that the USB is connected it doesn't do anything else because it doesn't charge or allow me to transfer files

Immagine WhatsApp 2024-05-10 ore 12.20.37_62ea8417.jpgImmagine WhatsApp 2024-05-10 ore 12.20.38_3f95b696.jpgImmagine WhatsApp 2024-05-10 ore 12.20.38_a77df877.jpgImmagine WhatsApp 2024-05-10 ore 12.20.38_e7865172.jpgImmagine WhatsApp 2024-05-10 ore 12.21.29_f6c4ef5a.jpg

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @camuut 

Could you please clarify if this issue occurred after the PC was first built or after using it for some time and occurred following any recent changes, such as a BIOS update or PSU swap?
If you haven't updated BIOS to the latest version 2202 released on April 19, 2024, please consider updating and clearing CMOS before rechecking again.
We suggest verifying if there are any limited power settings in the system.
Please refer to the steps outlined in [Windows 11/10] Change Power mode and plan, and within "Change advanced power settings," check if there are any power-related restrictions on the USB ports.
Additionally, try setting the Type C Power Mode in the BIOS to [Enabled] and recheck afterward.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Good morning,
the problem has been present since the first moment, I updated the bios many times but nothing has ever changed and it is currently the latest version.

even entering the settings indicates that the problem persists

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @camuut 

Based on your description, since the device functions correctly when directly connected to the motherboard, we suggest that, in addition to cross-testing the cables connecting the chassis and the motherboard, you also try cross-testing with other chassis to eliminate any hardware abnormalities in the chassis.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂