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Asus Creator z690 no rezizable bar

Level 8

I can not enable resizable bar. I have enabled it in bios and disabled legacy boot in Bios.  Above 4G decoding is also "disabled".  But  "enable Resizable Bar "  is greyed out , but it says "Enabled".     In Windows it says "NO" Recizable Bar"  in Nvidia System setiings.

I think Creator Motherboards have no Recizable Bar. Or have I missed something. My Asus Maximus XIII Hero morherboard has Recizable Bar enabled by default in Bios and in Windows



Hello emsir,

You may need to update the motherboard bios and your gpu vbios.

In the bios.....

Enable Above 4G Decoding.

Enable ReSize BAR Support. (or auto if you can't enable)

F10 and Enter to save and Exit.

Open Nvidia Control Panel, at the top click Help, click System Information.

Resizable Bar.png


Level 8

Thank you. In bios  Above 4G Decoding is grayed out but Enabled. Recizable Bar is Enabled. Legacy Boot is disabled. UEFI is enabled. Partition is GPT . Everything is set  as it should be. My GPU Bios is the latest. Motherboard Bios is the latest. But when i go in to Nvidia control Panel it looks like this:


Thank You

I came across a detailed article on how to enable Resizable Bar on your ASUS Gaming PC.

Since the options for Above 4G Decoding and Resizable Bar are in the bios, Resizable Bar should be supported.

Guide: How to enable Resizable BAR on your ASUS-powered gaming PC - Edge Up

I don't think you read my post. And my motherboard is not a gaming pc, but a creator pc. But i'm using it for gaming as well. It should be ok for both

I have done ALL those things -  and I posted what I did in my previous post. Didn't you read my post? It sounds like you don't have a solution to my problem. So I will contact ASUS and  hear what they say. Thank you

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @emsir 

Thank you for reaching out.
Could you please confirm your current BIOS version, and have you updated the Intel ME to the corresponding version in the BIOS?
For example, the latest BIOS version of the ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI is 2703, which requires updating the Intel ME to
Meanwhile, please help to confirm the question below for us better understand your situation.
- the images of the current setting in BIOS, the OS version and OS build
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, RAM (part number as well), and PSU currently installed
- Which slot is the graphics card currently installed in on the motherboard? Did you use any adapters for the installation?
- Screenshots of the Resizable BAR settings in GPU-Z or the NVIDIA Control Panel

Thank you.

I have sent you an email with information

Thank you

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @emsir 

I'm not quite sure what you mean by sending email.
I didn't see any messages from you in the private message section in the upper right corner.
Could you help clarify the details I mentioned?

Thank you.

I get your comments in my email. And I replied to your question through my email


Bios version is 2703

Me version is 16.127.2176

Windows 11  x64 build 2261.2215


I have attached 3 screenshots of my Bios. They should tell you my CPU, memory (Corsair Vengeance 2x16GB DDR5 6400 Mnz in slot 2 and 4 Dual Channel ) and settings. Wonder Why Above 4G Decoding is greyed out.

Screenshots of GPU-Z is also attached

Graphic card is inserted in Pcie 16_1 slot (x16)