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An important update for Ryzen™ 7000 series processors on ASUS AM5 Motherboards

Community Admin
Community Admin

An important update for Ryzen 7000 series processors on ASUS AM5 platform Motherboard

This update is a continuation of our response to this issue. As mentioned, ASUS has been working with AMD on defining new rules for the new BIOS updates. These updates will continue to be completed as necessary. The BIOS updates address concerns regarding potential damage that may occur when using Ryzen™ 7000 series processors with our AM5 motherboards by following the latest guidance from AMD. This includes a cap on SOC voltage at 1.3V. Please download the latest version of the BIOS updates from


Thank you again for choosing our product. If you still have any questions, or are concerned that your motherboard may have been affected by this issue, please contact our ASUS support team in your region. If an issue is identified, your motherboard will be covered by our warranty. Our support teams are ready to assist you.



ASUS Customer Services

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Can you clarify: Do the BIOS updates which are marked as BETA on the support site not void the warranty as its stated on the download pages?

Level 8

Please clarify: 

¿Will ASUS honor any warranty claim of damages directly or indirectly caused by using the BETA BIOS that appears on the download link of the link that you have provided, even when the download page explicitly says "Except as provided in the Product warranty and to the maximum extent permitted by law, ASUS is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from using this beta BIOS."?

Stop it with the law jargon, and start giving solutions that don't put the "let's cover our asses" over everything else.

Level 8

I just made a post asking which BIOS to download. I did not see this thread. The latest 1602 BIOS dropped the disclaimer voiding the warranty. I still am uncertain if I should download a BETA BIOS. If Asus says it is safe, I will download it. But there is no guidance.

Level 14

Thanks for the updates. 

1412 with is working great on my Gene.

Even with 1.3V cap on SOC, still able to rock 6400 MT/s,.. just with a bit looser timings. 😋

1412 Test.jpg

Level 9

So, is a good start to plug my 7800X3D on my B650E-E ?!

And do not forget about this tiny piece :

LINK to description.


All or Nothing

Level 7

Dear ASUS I'm very happy that you solved the problem with the SOC voltage in order to be safe with AMD 70xx CPUs. My problem is I have bought the memory Team Group FF3D532G6400HC40BDC01 on April the 22th. At the time it was on the QVL of my mobo, a ROG STRIX B650E-E WiFi Gaming, and that's the only reason I bought it. That memory now has been removed by ASUS from the QVL because it requires 1.35V in order to be run at 6400MHz. Now I can't activate XMP no more so the memory runs at 4800Mhz. The vendor won't take it back for that reason. Would instead ASUS help me replace it? Or can help me with a configuration to enable overclock in some way? I want to be clear that the one reason I bought that memory is that it was on the official ASUS QVL, so i believe ASUS is involved in this inconvenience somehow.


Thanks for your attention,

Kind Regards,


I'm pretty sure that the 1.35v stated refers tor VDD & VDDQ and not SOC voltage.

You can try enabling XMP/DOCP/EXPO I and manually set speed to 6000 instead just to troubleshoot it.

If you can manage to work it out stable, then find small incremental pushes/tweaks till you get back to 6400.
Or live with 6000 but running more aggressive timings to get the performance back.

Good Luck

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @DjGaspa 

Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you!

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 7

There should be a way for the BIOS to update itself automatically on PC whether it is BETA or otherwise.

This idea of users having to do this is the number one reason a lot of PC's end up in a repair department of a computer store.

When will ASUS and other motherboard manufacturers come up with this way of updating?

Now there is a question for you to answer........may be even pass on to the programmers of the software for the motherboards.