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4090 blackscreen fan speed 100%

Level 9

Hi guys, I have also issue with my 4090 surprim x msi Since 1 month sometimes i can play one day without any problem, and sometimes i chain Blackscreen and gpu 100% fan, my screen turns off and fans go 100%, for 5 - 7 seconds I can hear sound from a game and discord, and people can hear me. Then the sound disappears and the screen is black with fans on throttle (RGB lights on GPU and other components are on). 


I have

- b650e-e rog strix

- amd R9-7900x3D

-32 gb ram g.skill 6000mhz

-4090 suprim X msi

-supply be quiet straith pure 1000W

I dont know what to do anymore, i bought custom câble 12vhpwr from bequiet to test...for the moment i have the standard nvidia adapter supply, I changer to " max perfomance" in 3d mod for supply and after what ?

I will change the 12vhpwr cable from nvdia to a the one from bequiet and will see..

one week got 0 problem, play LoL, Dirt rally, Hogward legacy, and today, replayed Cyberpunk, max spec, raytracing, dlss, so maybe its a problem with suply idk.. if someone have a solution,


Or a problem with the bios ? and wait to a fix from asus?

i have eveything updated..


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @LEK .

May I ask if you are running a Cyberpunk type game before the problem you describe occurs every time?
Please try cross-testing with another PCIe slot to install the GPU first.
If the problem persists, please provide the following information:
- How long after running Cyberpunk did the problem occur?
What troubleshooting steps did you take? Did you immediately reboot or did you wait before rebooting?
- Which slot is the graphics card inserted into? What is the driver version of the graphics card?
- the current BIOS version and the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default)
- the brand and model name of the DRAM and PSU currently installed
- the OS version and OS build

Please provide a complete video of the issue if possible. 

Thank you.

Hello @Jiaszzz_ROG,

Ty for your answer,

What i can say, this problem with blackscreen i got it since 1 month, with different game, and also on youtube for example...

Yesterday in the morning i  changed the power supply for the gpu, from Nvidia adapter, to the adapter from beQuiet.

And since looks like working... im still not 100% sure, bc sometimes my pc worked for 1 week wihout blackscreen, but one Cyberpunk, it was very quick 3 times a row, and now nothing..i will let open this tickets and try to update and give you feedback maybe it will help for someone else, but i read a lot of problem with this 12VHPWR from corsair for example thats why i let a lot of time this one from nvidia, but in my case, i swaped into the one from beQuiet.. and atm i dont have the problem, but im still pessimistic we will see...


And, yes i have everything update, last bios 1406 ( no beta ), last driver for the gpu, and i have G.Skill 6000 OC mod 2x16,

And straight power pure 1000W beQuiet

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @LEK .

Certainly, please continue to monitor to see if the problem is resolved.
If further updates are needed, please share in detail the relevant information I inquired about, including the context and frequency of the occurrence, so that we can better understand the scenario.

Thank you.

Level 9


Just a little feedback, i had none anymore blackscreen since i changed my power cable supply.

Since now 3 weeks, its running properly, so for my case, the problem was litteraly from the " nvidia adapter ".

I hope maybe it will help for someone else 🙂