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1616 - 7800

Level 9

The 7800X3D gets hot in sleep mode, B6500E-E.

I seen 55°c...

... but counting time (15/20 sec) to start HWinfo let temp lower since Windows woke-up.

All or Nothing

Level 9

Could ERP or the other option help ?

All or Nothing

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Klemc .

We are not quite sure what specific issue you're referring to.
May I ask if the temperature of 55 degrees Celsius you mentioned is related to the CPU?
Besides the temperature, are there any other abnormalities? For example, experiencing a BSOD when waking up from sleep mode
Generally, temperatures would fluctuate, and 55 degrees Celsius might not be unusually high.
If there is no other abnormality, we would recommend continuing to monitor the situation to see if any further issues arise.

Thank you.

Level 9

It happened when i myself asked windows to go in Sleep Mode (manually)...

... when i waited the time set in Power Profile (20 min) to automatically sleep, it didn't get hot, anyway, it happened, so it's BIOS since BIOS manages C states !?


CPU in sleep can't be 50°, only 0° (or ambient temp bt, to be exact), it's not under power (meant) !!

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