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13600K temperature problem (hits 100c)

Level 8

I just built my 13600KF system with ROG Strix B760-F (gaming wifi) motherboard and I have a problem with CPU temperature.
It hits 100c almost immediately in CineBench (thermal throttle).
I think that my cooler (Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 FLUX) is OK because temperature goes down to normal very quickly as soon as I stop the test and I saw several posts with the same problem and different cooling configurations.

I tried undervolting from BIOS using the following parameters :
- DIGI+ VRM -> CPU load line calibration : level 4 (also tried 5)
- Actual VRM core voltage -> offset mode sign : -
- Actual VRM core voltage -> CPU core voltage offset : 0.11 (also tried 0.10 and 0.135)

Unfortunately, it seems to have almost no effect because CPU voltage still goes up to 1.305V and above (1.31 and even 1.32V), and temp hits 100c.
With manual mode set to 1.27 instead of offset mode, temp is significantly lower but with a big drop in performance (Cinebench rating drop to 12-13K from 23K).

Do you have any advice to improve CPU temp without such big drop in performance ?
It's a shame to have to tweak my system in order to have acceptable CPU temp... I hope that Asus and/or Intel will solve this problem in the future.

yes, 2012. As a drawback, you may encounter some compatibility issues with RAM modules. However, ASUS incorrectly configures RAM when you activate XMP. I contacted G.Skill to get their opinion, and even they criticized ASUS's values. My RAM was running at 1.35V (IA OC Asus...), and G.Skill advised me not to exceed 1.2V, which I followed, and it works perfectly well and runs cooler.

In short, all of this is to say that aside from the RAM, which I recommend manually configuring, I haven't experienced any other drawback

Can you clarify what you mean here?
GSKILL advised that you run your memory at 1.2v - Which rails is this comment referring to and how does it pertain to ASUS AI OC?
Also can you explain why if ASUS is offering a setting to switch CPU ucode which helps with reducing temperatures why this is a bad thing?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Was doing some additional testing yesterday and today and noticed that even with the old microcode I am getting no differences in the temps, in fact they were almost exactly the same (maybe 1 degree difference, would have to do additional tests to confirm).
I have been able to undervolt by 0.14 maintaining a stable system, but this also seems to be yet another thing that unfortunately has not had any noticeable impact on the temp results. In Cinebench I am getting a variation of 2-3k points depending on used microcode, MCE setting, and amount of undervolt, but temps stay the same.
Expecting to get another AIO early next week, and will report back with results.