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13600K temperature problem (hits 100c)

Level 8

I just built my 13600KF system with ROG Strix B760-F (gaming wifi) motherboard and I have a problem with CPU temperature.
It hits 100c almost immediately in CineBench (thermal throttle).
I think that my cooler (Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 FLUX) is OK because temperature goes down to normal very quickly as soon as I stop the test and I saw several posts with the same problem and different cooling configurations.

I tried undervolting from BIOS using the following parameters :
- DIGI+ VRM -> CPU load line calibration : level 4 (also tried 5)
- Actual VRM core voltage -> offset mode sign : -
- Actual VRM core voltage -> CPU core voltage offset : 0.11 (also tried 0.10 and 0.135)

Unfortunately, it seems to have almost no effect because CPU voltage still goes up to 1.305V and above (1.31 and even 1.32V), and temp hits 100c.
With manual mode set to 1.27 instead of offset mode, temp is significantly lower but with a big drop in performance (Cinebench rating drop to 12-13K from 23K).

Do you have any advice to improve CPU temp without such big drop in performance ?
It's a shame to have to tweak my system in order to have acceptable CPU temp... I hope that Asus and/or Intel will solve this problem in the future.

Level 17
Yes, I think that's the best way forward. Easy thing to check at this stage. I mean the CPU is the CPU and it does what it does, so cooling efficiency improvements are a good way to go without having to restrict CPU performance. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a decent CPU to throttle it back.
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Level 8

did you solve it? having same problem here, 13600kf, asus tuf b660m. Too high vcore (1.4v) on idle. Must be some Bios setting that will fix, hope someone helps.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @polas .

Will the CPU vcore reach 1.4v on idle in the default BIOS?
If the CPU voltage is still too high despite continuous frequency adjustment and it involves possible hardware problems, it is recommended that you cross-test the motherboard and other components or send it for repair.

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Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

solved man. thanks for reply.

Level 9

Try using another Mikrocode, it*s in BIOS under Tweakers Paradies and under Undervolt Protection.

This takes heat away from CPU. I have even bought a 360 Aio and coudn't handle the heat with "current Mikrocode" for my i7 13700k. Its rediclious. But with that Microcode i hit max 80°C in Cinebench. Bevore it was 100 even with 360mm Alphacool AIO and contact frame.

Take the other one. It is called 0x104.

Trust me, that will "Kind off" solve the problem.

I bougth that Board without knowing that you cant overclock and undervolt.

Now i have a i7 13700k which is not overclockable with the best 760 Board you can buy.. Only Z motherboards support this.

Might have to return it to Amazon.

Level 9

Your Aio must be very capable of handling the i5. 

Try what i suggested with the other reply if you haven't returned it yet.

Also try this for undervolt:

I also found a way to undervolt with this motherboard/Bios version using this method:

1. Tweaker Paradise: Set Microcode to 0x104!

2. In Ai Tweaker, leave "Actual VRM Core Voltage" on Auto.

3. Set Global Core SVID Voltage to OFFSET, choose minus (-) and start with 0.1

3. Set Cache SVID Voltage also to OFFSET, then minus (-) and start with 0.1

awesome! that solved. thanks man, love u.

Level 8

After trying the last two BIOS versions, it's still not functioning correctly. Additionally, during prolonged computations (such as with Handbrake), there's a significant performance drop because the processor has to reduce its frequency. I've experimented with numerous possible settings, but nothing seems to have an effect. Using Microcode 0x104 helps lower the voltage and thus the temperature, although better results are obtained with BIOS 2012. Since purchasing this motherboard, I've spent around 10 hours trying to solve the issue – all in vain. Nonetheless, I'm taking the time to respond here. However, if ASUS truly wants to know my settings, they should implement a feature in their BIOS that allows users to easily send them their settings. Here are some screenshots: I haven't included any screenshots of Intel XUT, but ALL the BIOS versions after 2012 fail stability tests without reaching thermal limits.

Truly disappointing, especially considering the significantly higher price...

Noctua NH-D14; Intel i5 13700k; ASUS B660 F gaming

I am also facing similar issues for quite some time, and have gone through several different tests and changes to see if I could fix it, so far with no real progress.

Currently running:

- Motherboard: Asus Strix B660-A
- Processor: Intel i7 13700k
- AIO: MSI Coreliquid Mag 280R, top mounted
- BIOS: newest version 2611, old microcode

In Bios I have done the suggested changes of turning off MCE and undervolting (using guides like, currently sitting at -0.125v
Have tried remounting the AIO a few times, even bought the Thermaltake contact plate without any real gains.

Even running old games like GTA: Online I have noticed sitting at 80-90c most of the time, and during my recent session I was sitting at 100c throughout. Same thing appears in most games that require something.

I am considering buying another CPU cooler in order to eliminate that being the possible issue here, but seeing as so many other people are facing these issues also I am quite certain that is not the cause. Besides that I am unsure if there is much else that can be done on the hardware side of things, besides switching to another brand of motherboards.

Will post back here in case I find anything that would yield better results!

What voltage are you seeing under the motherboard's SIO section in HWINFO? If you're seeing upward of 80c in something like GTA Online that's going to be an issue with the cooler or how it's applied, almost certainly.

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