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What're the best settings for an ROG Swift PG329Q, and can you enable HDR and ELMB simultaneously?

Level 8

PG329Q owners, what have you found to be the best settings for the PG329Q?

I've just bought a PG329Q monitor (32", 1440p, 175hz, HDR600). It has a lot of appealing features, but those features often can't be enabled simultaneously, and is seems some of the best ones can't be used without disabling other best ones. I'm most desiring to have HDR and ELMB enabled simultaneously, or to have ELMB and brightness control enabled simultaneously. But it seems that neither of these are possible - or are they?

Linus mentions at 6:57 in his mini review of this monitor that he was able to have both on after disabling local dimming:

Enabling local dimming does say that it disables ELMB, but I still can't select ELMB after I disable local dimming, while HDR is enabled.

This is the message shown when enabling ELMB, with HDR turned-off:

And if I turn on HDR in Windows while ELMB is selected, I get a message listing a handful of things that will be disabled while HDR is enabled, and ELMB is one of the things listed.

So, I'm thinking HDR and ELMB can't be simultaneously enabled - which is disappointing, because I think ELMB makes a noticeable difference to the clarity of the image when panning the screen quickly in an FPS, and it looks glorious with ELMB enabled.

ELMB also makes the screen a lot darker. And the brightness adjustment on the monitor is no longer selectable while ELMB is enabled. So, it seems that ELMB can only be enabled while HDR, local dimming, and brightness control are disabled. That's a huge trade-off that makes ELMB kind-of not practical to use. If I could at least have brightness control with ELMB, I might want to use it instead of HDR + local dimming.

These aren't the only features that can't be enabled simultaneously. Pretty much enabling anything on the PG329Q is going to prevent a large handful of other things from being enabled. So, you kind of have to pick which of its features you want, and then you're lucky if you can enable something else along with it. The basic feature combo is probably HDR, local dimming, and 175hz OC. What I want is HDR + ELMB. or ELMB + brightness (ELMB makes the screen way too dark). I would sacrifice local dimming, 175hz, and ultimately possibly also HDR if I could have 165hz + ELMB + the image bright enough for use.

BTW, if these can't be enabled simultaneously just because Asus didn't give the monitor DP 2 or HDMI 2.1 support, then shame on them. Why load a premium monitor up with so many features, which you advertise, only to cut users off from using them due to limiting the port bandwidth? It defies sensibility. If they just wanted to create another product-purchase step between people technically having access to all these features, and actually being able to use all of them in a future monitor, then, again, shame on them.

As an aside, the English in the OSD settings menus is broken and definitely wasn't done by someone who speaks English as their native language. It would be nice to see the language refined in a firmware update, if that's possible.