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Vertical and Horizontal lines on PG27AQDM

Level 7

Hey guys, I've had a PG27AQDM since August and I've noticed a little something when the screen is specifically different tones of grey. It looks like there's a grid-like pattern faintly from manufacturing, I'm not sure if the pattern developed over time but I know its not burn-in from my usage. Gaming looks fine until a grey loading screen comes up for example, then you can see it pretty clearly. In the images you can see vertical shadows, however there's also horizontal lines.

I was wondering if this is worth or possible to RMA, its hard to reflect in a photo but this is what it looks like:
2023-10-21 16.43.10.jpg2023-10-21 16.31.43.jpg


Level 7

Wanted to add an extra photo to make it clearer as to the issue I'm having. Here's some close-ups:

Photo 2023-10-22, 12 33 52 AM.jpgPhoto 2023-10-22, 12 33 59 AM.jpg

Customer Service Agent

Hi @0mirage ,

based on your issue, we recommend that you follow the troubleshooting steps provided in the FAQ below. 

First, ensure that your signal cable is functioning properly, and update your display drivers to the latest version. 

If the issue persists after confirming these steps, we suggest sending the monitor to an authorized service center for further diagnostics and repairs. 

Thank you.

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