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Several questions regarding the PG32UCDM

Level 9

- When I want to charge my smartphone, the monitor switches to USB-C display. Is it possible to use USB-C only as a charger ? (No fast charging 2.0, it’s a shame)
- There is a hole at the top of the monitor stand to plug in a webcam but my Logitech webcam has the same hole. How do I aim my webcam at the monitor stand ? I also need something to raise it but I don't know what ?
- The indication of the connected port (HDMI 1 in my case) appears when I turn on my computer above the ROG logo or when it wakes up and appears where I have to enter my password. Is there a way to deactivate this annoying indication ?
- The monitor comes with plenty of accessories but no cleaning cloth. I saw that it is advisable to clean the screen with distilled water and a micro fiber cloth but there are plenty of them. What model of microfiber cloth do you use to clean your OLED screen (which seems susceptible to scratches) ?


- It would be nice to be able to schedule a time slot for pixel cleaning so that the screen does it every day at the same time. There is a timer in the monitor which reminds you to clean every 8 hours so it should be possible to add
- I love the screen saver function but would have liked to be able to choose the intensity to make it even darker



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Davids777 ,

thank you for your inquiry. Here are the responses to each of your questions:

  1. Regarding your first question about USB-C with 90W Power Delivery charging capability, please verify if your device supports this feature. If your device does support it, you can use a USB-C power adapter with 90W Power Delivery capability to charge your device.
  2. For the question about aligning the webcam with the holes on the monitor stand, you can consider using a bracket or an extension arm to mount the webcam above the monitor and align it in the desired direction. You can also adjust the angle of the webcam for fine-tuning to ensure it aligns with the monitor.
  3. To address how to disable the indicator for connection ports on the top of the monitor, we would need to see a photo of the indicator notification for a more accurate answer.
  4. Regarding the last question, when cleaning the monitor, it is recommended to use a lint-free and non-abrasive cloth to clean the monitor surface. Dampen the cloth in a neutral cleaning solution and wipe away stubborn stains.

Detailed usage instructions can also be found in the user manual provided below.


We will provide your suggestions to the backend team for reference and evaluation. Thank you.

Hello @Aureliannn_ROG,

Thanks for your reply.

1) My smartphone is a Samsung S23 Ultra limited to 45W charging but it supports super fast charging 2.0. It is currently charged at 70%, to reach 100% with my Anker 45W charger and a very good quality Anker cable, it needs 34 minutes and displays a different color to show that it is in super fast charging 2.0. When plugging it into the monitor, whether with the cable provided by Asus or my Anker cable, I do not have super fast charging and it indicates 37 minutes to reach 100%, the same time as the USB cable- C Ivanky that I use to transfer my files to my computer. Switching to 90W limits the light to 65% but my smartphone is limited to 45W so in my case, 65W should be sufficient at this level.

2) Do you have a link to a product like this ? Does Asus have these kinds of accessories ?

3) I am attaching photos here to show you the problem that occurs when I turn on the computer and when it wakes up from long sleep. I think this information is useless. I didn't have this display on my old Asus monitor

After hibernate wake upAfter hibernate wake upWhen computer power onWhen computer power on

4) I have seen a lot of topics that advise using distilled water and a micro fiber cloth, the problem is that there are plenty of them (I am attaching a photo of those that I have). I have already used the ones which are completely on the left but I am really afraid of making micro scratches on the screen and I would therefore like to buy those which have the least chance of damaging the screen