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ROG Swift PG 248q keeps resetting to factory defaults

Level 7

Hello everybody,
since a couple of days ago my PG248q monitor started resetting to factory defaults every time I turn it on after shutdown and power off.
This is quite annoying because the factory reset include the color settings I configured on the monitor after years of continuous usage.

Does somebody know about a fix on this problem ?

I daily use the monitor by switching between HDMI and DisplayPort inputs since I have a notebook and a tower PCs with this single monitor. So far it worked flawlessly providing great video quality and I am fully satisfied about it.

It still works well with the only one (!) exception of the repeated factory reset.




Level 7

Hey! Happened to me few hours ago as well (April 22, 2023), I don't understand what could have changed but looks independant to software/pc specs. I have been using this monitor since December 2016 with no issues.

Level 7

Hi, I think we are f*cked my friend. This seems to be a common issue with our monitor and other from that time:

Said this, I think it must be a hardware problem that prevents the system to write on the EEPROM (maybe dead battery, etc). I think no one from ASUS is going to care for this issue since the monitor is at least 7 years old.

Either we get used to live with it, having to change the settings every time we turn on the screen, or we buy a new one.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @billidan 

May I inquire about any software or hardware changes you made prior to experiencing the monitor reset situation? For example, did you update the PS OS, the monitor's drivers, or connect it to different devices?
Could you please specify the devices you have connected to the monitor? Are you using HDMI or DisplayPort for the connection?
Have you tried using the original cables provided by the manufacturer or tested alternative connection methods?
If possible, could you kindly provide a detailed video recording of the scenario when the issue occurs?

Thank you.

Hi Jiaszzz, thanks for your response.

No software or hardware changes had happened. When it started to happen not even NVIDIA drivers had beed updated, it was just from one day to another. I'm using only the DisplayPort connection with the original DP cable that came with the monitor (I haven't had to bought additional ones so it must be the original). What I have connected is a NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) mounted on a PC, of course.

What I'm trying to show is that I have already configured the settings on the monitor and did a quick tour around them (just the RTS mode and Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Gamma). Then I switch off the screen. When switched on again, it shows the Red/Yellow/White/etc flashing screen and then it starts as it is in factory mode. I can even bring the factory menu prompt when I press the "X" button. In this menu I even clicked on what I read on other posts that can make the monitor save the configuration (Burn in Pattern set to off and Factory Menu set to off).

This makes that every time I need to use my PC, or even if I put the PC to sleep for various minutes and then resume my usage, I need to configure the settings over and over again.

I hope it clarifies the issue and that you can bring some light into the issue.

Thank you very much!



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @radix257 

May I ask what software or hardware changes you made before experiencing the problem?
Regarding the screen resetting, does it occur when the connected PC/laptop is shut down and restarted, or does the screen itself power off and on again?
If you connect only one device (e.g., a PC) to the screen and keep the screen powered on, then shut down and restart the PC, does the screen reset the settings?
If possible, could you please provide a detailed video recording of the scenario when the problem occurs?

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @billidan .

After consulting with the relevant department, we recommend that you visit an ASUS service center or contact the retailer for further diagnosis and repairs based on the video you provided.
Please refer to ASUS support if needed.

Thank you.