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Rog Swift Oled PG27AQDM Problems

Level 7


I bought this monitor 4 days ago after selling my Alienware aw3423dw 34 inch Oled because i wanted 27inc (because of losing performance and for 240hz) but man i feel sorry now 😞

When i started monitor for the first time i saw right away that colours are not that good like on alienware. But when i turned HDR i almost got heart attack! Man for 1000euro HDR was garbage! So i invested some time to search for problem and i found that i had 104 version so i was relieved so i went fast to download and instal new 105 software aaaand. Yeah i tas a little better but man this HDR is messed up! I played a lot of HDR content to try to compare and the 1000e monitor have the worst HDR by far. I have a HDR monitor 4k 60hz IPS, I have two HDR oled Phones one is ROg phone 5, i have Laptop Gigabyte Aero 15 with Oled HDR and 48 inch LG HDR TV (3 years old). And HDR on this monitor is still garbage! HOW? It supose to be premium monitor for 1000e i dont need to go and search for solution for 5 days for monitor to work normal! So i can tel maybe i am doing something wrong so please help me if i am.
I upgraded to 105 software and calibrated HDR, i tried every option on monitor many and tried Radeon software. I forgot to tell i have Radeon 6800XT Asus Strix LC. Nothing worked for me and problems are this.

When gaming it looks kind a good but i was way better on Alenware but HDR and even SDR content looks unrealistic, oversaturated and with too much contrast. I compared one HDR video on youtube and and all monitors and phones red was similar but on this monitor it was oversturated and red was kind a pinkish. Saturated so you even lost details. Second problem is white. When you have small dimensions on white its ok, not perfect but its ok, its close to white but when i put that on bigger surface and full screen it become gray. So every HDR content that is bright and its on full screen gets greyish and kind a over contrasted. So scene after scene it goes from good to ok and garbage. Guys tell me what is the problem? Can someone save and send me ICC profile maybe? Is it problem with gpu drivers or was i scamed for 1000e monitor. I have never problems on Alienware, even with base and first version of software. Dont tell me its win11 problem because i have one other monitor, i had Alienware on same system and i have laptop on win11...and yes win11 have bad HDR but its worst on this monitor. And even when i turn HDR off colours are still unrealistic. I tried to set it manually but cant figure it up. Colours are too blue or to red i just cant find a way to make this monitor to look good like 1000e monitor should look. Sorry for my English. I cant give you pictures because i cant replicate the problem, its only when you are looking at this monitor. Thanks


Level 7


I tried to put monitor on my laptop HDMI out and colors was fine but on hdmi on my gpu they are still off. I switched to another DP port on card, it was same and different DP cable and still was the same. So my card and this monitor somehow match bad if that makes any sense!?! Its the same system like my Alienware and there was no problems at all on this card on this system. Tried to go on another drivers but its the same. When i switched cables back an forth i seem like for the moment colors was good but after some time they are again kind a strange. Will fresh win instalation work? Can this be something with win color profiles?

Level 7