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ROG pg27aqm brightness getting dimmer

Level 7

Hello, i just received my ROG pg27aqm and for some reason time to time it gets dimmer, such as playing overwatch, the brightness is fine but in certain times it goes dimmer such as when behind a shield, 

i have HDR on and i dont have the option for uniform brightness since it is greyed out and i dont have any adaptive brightness settings on my windows 11 desktop. please help.  its getting really annoying.


Level 7


I just got this monitor yesterday. And had flickering issues in game "Escape from Tarkov"
Looks like the root provblem was Gsync (probably , when game dips below sertain FPS).
May I suggest, you just try to disable Gsync (from monitor OSD, and Nvidia control panel) and see what happens. 

Level 7

They need to improve the HDR min brightness. In sdr content you can achieve ~250nits full screen, non sense that you can only reach ~110nits in full screen HDR content (and the effect in VGs is terrible, the image dims quite a lot). LG did a better job with this. I hope they can fix this in the next firmware.