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ROG PG27AQDM pixel cleaning issue

Level 7


I bought this monitor about two months ago and just yesterday I have noticed an issue with pixel cleaning.  Until now I have set up the pixel cleaning reminder at 8 hours and every time it appeared on screen I activated the pixel cleaning feature without fail and every time after the 6 minute cycle a message appeared on screen saying "pixel cleaning succeded", however yesterday I noticed that the pixel cleaning process stopped after approximately 30 seconds with no message on the screen. I paid no attention to it however I ran the cleaning process today and it happened again, basically after I start the pixel cleaning process the logo blinks orange for about 20-25 times and then it stops and turns back to red and image appears on the screen, without the "pixel cleaning succeded" message.

I am worrying that this might be the beginning of a malfunction or something.

I have installed the MCM105 firmware immediately after I bought the monitor.

Can someone shed some light into my problem ?



Level 7

Im providing an update to this issue: last night after i turned off my computer i also decided to turn off the monitor. This morning i started the computer and monitor and decided to do a pixel cleaning and it was completed with the message "pixel cleaning succeded"

I think turning off the monitor fixed my problem. Ever since I bought the monitor i didn't turned it off from the button, i just shutdown the computer and let the monitor go in standby mode.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Mariusdms ,

according to your issue, the pixel refresh function should automatically activate when the monitor is turned off (indicator light is orange). 

Are you currently experiencing the indicator light flashing orange 20-25 times and then turning red, followed by the screen turning back on if you haven't manually turned off the monitor? 

Could you please record a complete video for us to reference? (Turning off the monitor > indicator light flashing orange > indicator light turning red > screen displaying content) and another video (manually turning off the monitor > indicator light flashing orange > screen indicating pixel refresh completed). 

Also, may I ask what signal cable you are using? Additionally, please send the product serial number via private message. 

Thank you.


Well, it happens again! I left the monitor off overnight ( turned it off from the power button ) and in the morning after using it for about 1 hour i decided to use the pixel cleaning feature so I started it manually, the logo blinked for about 1 minute and then it turned back to red without a message on the screen saying "pixel cleaning succeded"

I dont know if this is a normal behavior or not considering the monitor was off overnight and i only used it for one hour before starting the cleaning process.

I am using the DisplayPort cable that came in the box with the monitor.

I have not recorded a video because as I see i have to record it, transfer it from the phone to a place like youtube and then add the URL here, too much hassle, but the video is going to show you this:

1. i turn on the cleaning process

2. the light blinks orange for a short time

3. the light turns red

4. no message appears on the screen




Level 7

I ran pixel cleaning again 5 minutes ago and now i see it ran for about 2 minutes and the monitor turned on but no "pixel cleaning succeded" message.