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The Asus Rog thing is getting worse and worse, I really feel cheated and treated like a fool.

I have an Asus Pg329q monitor which I was fairly happy with after fighting at the beginning of the purchase with the HDR. I went from the Stock V034 version to the V036 HDR optimization version that you all know that is posted on the Asus support website.

After months, it turned out that the screen showed an orange stain in one corner, modifying the color. The monitor is almost 3 years old. Thanks to the "rog" guarantee it was on time.

The first thing they tell me is that even though it is a Rog product, as far as the monitor is concerned, they will send you a "reconditioned" one, you say... well, if it is well reviewed there would be no problem.

As soon as the monitor arrives I realize that the back cover has 2 split pins, and when I check the panel, in one of the corners there are or seem to be signs that a pixel is dead, although it is very slight to see... you say Va , if it's only in half profile looking very intently and it depends how, I'll pass it.

Now looking at myself, I realize that the monitor has version V037 which is my surprise, this Firmware version is totally unknown, since the latest one on the website is V036 which optimizes HDR. and I wonder, wow... it must be a new version, I'm going to check which is better, the V036 or the V037, I'll call ASUS and tell them the case and explain to them, look, I would like you to please hang up the same as the V036 the version that you have sent me must be a newer one and you do not have V037 on the Web to do a check and see which HDR is better to my liking. Well, they answer me and tell me that they are escalating the query and reply that we are not sending it to you because you do not have the specific Software to make the Firmware change.

Gentlemen, if you have it posted on your own WEB, is this a serious answer?

And don't miss it, they write to me again indicating that I have to send the entire "complete" monitor manage the issue of the broken rear cover.

Again? Expose myself to something worse? Expose myself to losing the original box by sending it protected?

This is a joke. I will never buy Asus, I'm looking at options and as soon as something decent comes out..... Asus Support is slow, and they treat you as if you were a child.



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aaa and of course the returned monitor does not present the color grading report nor do you know the DELTA.

Asus must think totally why?

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Have you posted in ROG Care regarding this? This is the monitor discussion section. Service should be able to help you get this resolved.

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Level 7

Asus decided to close the ticket because they wanted the entire monitor back. and they did not provide the v037 version, in fact they said that it was totally impossible to flash it without being paid.

a disastrous service the truth

I've moved the thread to the correct section for you.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090