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PW34WCDM screen flicker and HDR problems

Level 7

this is super annoying, i have multiple displays.  when playing games  and clicking of the game the game just flickers like crazy.  gsync on gsync off.  vrr disabled on.   also HDR look so borked!  i have a 27in ips 1440p and non hdr jsut looks so much better.  HDR after windows hdr calibration tool, the whites just look dull and no vibrance to them.  i also have the 201 firmware.  for 1400$ this has not been a great experience.  again i have the 201 firmware.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @whothatmofo ,

based on your issue, have you provided a video or photo showing the abnormality when HDR is enabled for reference? 

Have you updated your display drivers? 

Have you tried cross-testing with other signal cables? 

Does the issue occur immediately after purchase? 

Please assist in confirming. Thank you.