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Pixel cleaning questions (PG27AQDM)

Level 7


I have the new PG27AQDM monitor and I have a few questions regarding Pixel cleaning.

1. If I set Windows to put my monitor into sleep mode after lets say 5 min, does this trigger a pixel cleaning?
2. Does running pixel cleaning often wear and tear the monitor in any way?
3. How often should I actually run it? Because if sleep mode does not trigger it, I would have to run it manually since I never turn the monitor off completely.
4. What does pixel cleaning actually do on this monitor? (if anyone wanna explain the process)

Also an issue I would like to report regarding this monitor, Its kind of slow on booting up so the monitor is all black and first image is only shown once I reach the Windows login after a reboot. It skips bios post and Windows logo loading. I feel like this shouldn't be happening. Not even sure I can actually enter bios (didn't try).



Hello, @Ejziponken .

1. The power setting will affect whether the pixel cleaning function is active or not.
If Standard Mode is selected, pixel cleaning will begin automatically start in five minutes after No Signal, enters Standby mode, or under Sleep Mode/Shutdown.
Pixel cleaning won't begin if it is in Power Saving Mode after the computer shuts down or enters Sleep Mode.
2&4. Pixel cleaning is a technique used to prevent image persistence or burn-in on an LCD screen. It involves rapidly turning pixels on and off to remove any residual charge that can cause ghosting or image retention. It helps to prolong the lifespan and maintain the quality of the display.
3. It is recommended that you operate it whenever the screen is used continuously for 8 hours.

Thank you.

Level 11

Check the below in the monitor menu. It will remind you at a set interval when it requires a manual cleaning. When required a dialog box will appear in the right bottom part of the screen.

System Setup  --> Screen Protection --> Pixel Cleaning Cycle Reminder