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PG48UQ myriad problems

Level 9

Reopening a new thread as the last one is now locked, just to keep the subject alive with the issues surrounding the PG48UQ and its laundry list of problems. Most notably, the completely broken HDR in the latest v029 firmware, and for me personally, the top line of the display in 138hz mode having a strange horizontal jitter, and the propensity for the monitor to black out momentarily for a fraction of a second at a time, seemingly completely at random.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Doctor_Headlock ,

regarding your issue, could you please clarify what you mean by "broken HDR"? 

Could you provide specific details about when the problem occurs?

Does the issue only occur with the latest firmware version? Does it occur with other versions as well?

Have you restored the monitor to its factory settings?

Have you tried swapping other signal cables for cross-testing? What type of cable are you currently using for connection?

What device are you connecting to the monitor? We recommend testing with a different device.

Please ensure that your display drivers are updated to the latest version.

If you have confirmed the above questions but the issue persists, we suggest sending the monitor to the nearest official repair center for further diagnosis by our engineers. 

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Level 8

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG 

v029 firmware broken HDR issue has been discussed in a 3months old thread :

On my side, I tested resetting every Windows/screen parameters, tested connecting another HDR screen (no issues). Still broken weird  greyish rendering.

I reverted to v28 which is not perfect, but can be tuned with Windows HDR tool and NVidia vibrance settings.

You should at least make v29 unavailable, put a warning about possible HDR render issues or...fix it...


Level 8

The two previous threads on this exact topic have been locked so I thought I'd chime in too. Exact same HDR issues with v29 firmware. As has been stated multiple times, HDR on this firmware is broken. Black levels are broken and cause shadows to look grey with little to no contrast. Colors are also broken. They almost look overexposed to me. 

These issues have been well documented for months without any action from ASUS about it. I just checked today, and the broken v29 firmware is still up on the support page. I've reverted to v28 for now. Not perfect, but miles ahead of this supposed "HDR fix" v29 firmware. Very frustrating coming from a $1,500 high-end monitor. ASUS needs to remove the problem firmware and address the issues rather than locking threads discussing them.