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PG42UQ strange problems black screen/freeze screen randomly

Level 7
on firmware .31 got random black screen in the middle of game will not turn back on until i unplug power and replug. also had a random screen freeze in the middle of a game. and could not turn off or anything until i unpled. this all happen on overlock off @ 120 mhz since 138 mhz would not even wake up the screen sometimes when it goes to sleep.
also my rog logo randomly turned green looked in the manual but didnt see anything anout green logo not sure what does that mean?
hope they fix all these problem on the next firmware update or will have to return this monitor.
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Yeah, the V037 black screen isn't a niche issue, it's a 100% repeatable bug. That Asus still hasn't pulled the firmware is just increasing support and RMA burden.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, ROG Swift OLED PG42UQ users.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed response, as there have been consecutive holidays at our location in recent days.
Could you please help verify if, with firmware version v037, disabling the "Screen Saver" and "Pixel Cleaning" options in the OSD settings prevents the occurrence of the screen going black for 6 minutes every 4 hours?

Thank you.


sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

the screen saver is off and pixel cleaning just does not there is no option other than to run it

I responded to your request on this specific question last Tuesday. A week later you are asking the same question.
How about pulling the firmware update and fix it! It’s obvious you identified the bug already.

any updates?  
disabling the "Screen Saver" and "Pixel Cleaning" options don't do anything and for me, it seems longer than 6 mins
well I disconnect the power and re-connect it as I'm not waiting. and going by all the other people having the same problem it's not just a random thing

Level 9


I hope you are continuing to investigate this issue.

One additional piece of information I can provide: if you manually perform pixel cleaning via the OSD during the initial four hour period after booting the computer, the four hour period will be reset. That is to say, the blackout issue will still occur, but instead of happening four hours after booting the computer, it will instead occur four hours after completing the manual pixel cleaning.

I wonder if anyone else can confirm this?

Level 8

On fw 37 the screen still goes black after 4 hours even if screen saver is disabled. There is no option to disable pixel cleaning in the menu, just run it manually. 

Once the screen has gone black after 4h of use it stays black, it never turns on again. Initially it does not respond to any user input, no response to buttons or the remote control. If you wait some time you can turn off the monitor using the remote, no other commands shows anything on the screen, it's just black.


Level 8

I buy this monitor two weeks plus ago only and mine already preloaded this 037 version and I never face black out issue even I put overnight, which far more than 4 hours. Not happen in my Windows 11 connected via DP, also not happened in my MacBook Pro 2023 connected via HDMI.

Weird some of you facing this issue from upgrade. 

Did you read the specific steps on how to recreate? The PC needs to be off with the monitor on and then PC back on, for 4 hours; if its like the bug they had on the 48" FW.

If you don't have that order of events, you could avoid theoretically.