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PG42UQ strange problems black screen/freeze screen randomly

Level 7
on firmware .31 got random black screen in the middle of game will not turn back on until i unplug power and replug. also had a random screen freeze in the middle of a game. and could not turn off or anything until i unpled. this all happen on overlock off @ 120 mhz since 138 mhz would not even wake up the screen sometimes when it goes to sleep.
also my rog logo randomly turned green looked in the manual but didnt see anything anout green logo not sure what does that mean?
hope they fix all these problem on the next firmware update or will have to return this monitor.
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The issue is currently only duplicated when the screen saver is active.  My computer is connected by DP from Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super (PNY)

The screen is black like it is turned off, I first thought it was windows turning off the display but I checked the settings and like always its off.

Video attached as requested, when the logo light goes out I turned the monitor off by the remote and then of course back on. I believe the time is based on the first time the monitor goes into screen saver mode because I had used the monitor for hours and then walked away an 10 minutes later the screen was off. First time screen saver came on was around 8:00 am est today 2023 0620

I did verify this a 2nd time and the issue does not reproduce when Screen Protection / Screen Saver is off

I had this exact same issue occur just a few minutes ago. I upgraded to V037 yesterday, so I'm certain that is the cause because V033 worked just fine. I was in the middle of working and had a video playing on the screen, all of a sudden the screen just went black. Tried to use the remote and button on the monitor, but nothing worked. I had to unplug it and plug it back in, then the screen came back up. I'm connected via Displayport to my RTX4090, none of my hardware has changed recently and there were no issues until I upgraded the firmware. Please fix this.

Level 7

Firmware V037 gave me the black screen after four hours issue.

I did not have this issue on V033, so as such, I have rolled back.

I also rolled back to V033. Would be nice if Asus answered my question about rolling back.

Level 8

Seems i have the sam problem after upgrading to V037 Firmware, after about 4 hours it just goes blank
I have to replug the power to DisplayPort (only connection I use on the screen) 

Level 8

I just purchased few days ago and my unit already proloaded with v037, where official site is not provided the firmware yet.

I don't have cannot wake up issue, not there connect to my RTX 4090 or MacBook Pro 14" 2023.

But I do have another issue, wonder anyone noticed or not, your screen will be very dim if you set your HDR to 10000K temperature, you need to change to 6500K and change back again 10000K to make the screen back to normal brightness and not dim.

This issue won't occurred if you set the 6500K as default instead of 10000K in HDR mode.

Level 7

I also have the random black screens after updating to firmare 37. Rolling back to v33 resolved the issue after a few days of debugging and random black screens. 

Why hasn't Asus said or done anything?

Going by a basic goggle search  it's more common then just a few people