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PG42UQ strange problems black screen/freeze screen randomly

Level 7
on firmware .31 got random black screen in the middle of game will not turn back on until i unplug power and replug. also had a random screen freeze in the middle of a game. and could not turn off or anything until i unpled. this all happen on overlock off @ 120 mhz since 138 mhz would not even wake up the screen sometimes when it goes to sleep.
also my rog logo randomly turned green looked in the manual but didnt see anything anout green logo not sure what does that mean?
hope they fix all these problem on the next firmware update or will have to return this monitor.
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It does fix the 4 hour issue, but the issue with the screen flashing black for anywhere between a fraction of a second to maybe two seconds remains.  There's also the problem of the garbage pixels at the top of the screen when set to 138Hz, not to mention brightness flickering when g-sync is on.

Hi @Doctor_Headlock ,

may I ask whether your product model is PG48UQ or PG42UQ?
May I ask did the Version V028 or  V033 solved the 138 mhz would not wake up the screen when it goes to sleep?
Have you still encounter the issue again?
May I ask after you update the firmware to v028, the flashing black issue still occur randomly?
Have you make sure that all the driver is at the latest version?
Could you please provide a video clip demonstrating the issues you are facing with your monitor? This should include the problems with flickering black screens, abnormal display at 138Hz, and screen flickering when G-Sync is enabled.
Also, may I ask have you try to cross test with other monitor or cable?
Which cable you're using to connect the monitor and PC?
Thank you.

i just bought the Asus PG42UQ
and upgraded the firmware from V033 - V040
and i also have the problem that the screen is randomly and often turning black and back on again... super annoying!
i have not overcloked.

also why does the screen auto dims white colors? it goes from krisp color to an mor blend sloppy one. 

like pleas fix this.. its a 2 000$ screen..