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PG42UQ strange problems black screen/freeze screen randomly

Level 7
on firmware .31 got random black screen in the middle of game will not turn back on until i unplug power and replug. also had a random screen freeze in the middle of a game. and could not turn off or anything until i unpled. this all happen on overlock off @ 120 mhz since 138 mhz would not even wake up the screen sometimes when it goes to sleep.
also my rog logo randomly turned green looked in the manual but didnt see anything anout green logo not sure what does that mean?
hope they fix all these problem on the next firmware update or will have to return this monitor.
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Yeah, always happens at the same time, after 4 hours exactly! (pg42uq) v.037 and v033. Hdr colours are also not good, all hdr modes look exactly the same. 

Then make a video of the moment it will occur with you stating it should occur any minute, just like I did, and I'm sure they'll eventually fix it. Key word "eventually"...

Level 7

I thought I might share this, if there is a chance that it could help someone else 🙂

These are the configurations that I tried so far. All with PG48UQ Firmware V028.

Connection Overclock Supported Color Depth Other
HDMI 4m Yes 8bcs 2-3 sec blackscreens every few minutes
HDMI 4m No 12bcs 2-3 sec blackscreens every few minutes
DP 2m Yes 12bcs No problem
DP 2m No 12bsc No problem

I also ordered some 1/2m HDMI cables to try tomorrow.

I wonder is hdmi that much better than display port? I'm not educated very well on the difference 

HDMI 2.1 has higher bandwidth then Displayport 1.4 

Level 8

Yes update has solved the black screen problem.

Now it's just the monitor's DP computer noise problem that I have to try to solve.
Am I the only one who has it?


Do you mean the noise from the speakers? Like a "coilwhine" sound? I had to mute my speakers in the displaymenu to get rid of it. I use headphones. 

Thanks for your reply.
Yes exactly...
Glad it's not just me...
I can't use DP if I want to avoid the noise in the speakers.
HDMI works fine, no problems.
So I'm just using HDMI for now.

Level 9

I have updated the firmware to 028 and I haven't encountered the backscreen since then, although I didn't really suffered by It since I started to shut the monitor off with the remote while not using it. 

Thank you Asus for finally listening and try to solve the issue. 

Level 7

I just encountered this issue  with my monitor going black and had no idea what was going on and I found this thread.

This is a brand new PG42UQ on firmware v035 that I've had for two days. I don't have exact details since it was completely unexpected but I believe the monitor was on for at least 4 hours. It went black and was completely unresponsive to the remote and screen buttons. Audio via line out on the monitor continued playing and usb light plugged into the monitor was still powered. It was in this state for at least a minute until I unplugged the power and replugged it in after which it showed picture again and was responsive to controls.

Using display port 1.4 cable plugged into Windows 10 system. Overclocking disabled and running at 120hz, adaptive sync enabled, standard power setting, screen saver off, pixel move light, auto logo brightness on.