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PG42UQ strange problems black screen/freeze screen randomly

Level 7
on firmware .31 got random black screen in the middle of game will not turn back on until i unplug power and replug. also had a random screen freeze in the middle of a game. and could not turn off or anything until i unpled. this all happen on overlock off @ 120 mhz since 138 mhz would not even wake up the screen sometimes when it goes to sleep.
also my rog logo randomly turned green looked in the manual but didnt see anything anout green logo not sure what does that mean?
hope they fix all these problem on the next firmware update or will have to return this monitor.
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It's been over 48 hours of workdays since you acknowledged receiving the exact steps on how to reproduce the issue guaranteed, at least on PG48UQ and likely the 42 as well. 

Where is ASUS's acknowledgment of their bug?

Since it's related to the 4 hours, how about you give us a FW that doesn't perform the 4 hour reminder to perform Pixel Cleaning that nobody wants/likes. Maybe that will fix it.

You all are moving so slowly with this.

They aren't moving slowly, they are executing their damage control. "OPS , we ******ed up, put all resources on avoiding this issue reaching a negative blowback" 

I have the same monitor and the same problems of austin

No fix at now right? 

Whats The workaround? I cant understand how to avoid black screens... 

You can try to shut it off with the remote when you don't use it. (Red led goes black) 

Seem to work for some users. Or maybe try to deactivate screen saver in the monitor options. 

There are no settings related to this issue, so nothing you change there will effect it.

@Cincilleo They have not fixed it, nor have they admitted fault yet. Radio silence ever since they were given exact steps on how to reproduce. Been at least a week now.

The only way you can avoid this issue is to ensure your monitor is turned off for a few minutes before turning your PC (it will have the ASUS logo appear when booting up if its left off long enough) and then once you start using, your input can never stop so you can't have your PC go to sleep or otherwise. If your PC does go to sleep or input interrupted in anyway, you will need to turn the monitor off again for a few minutes.

It's not a good workaround. ASUS needs to get their stuff together.

So if i switch inputs between ps5 and pc i need to power off every time?? 

I cant believe that 😐

If you're switching using the same cable, definitely; but if more likely you are just changing the input selected, that's a good question.

If you find out the answer, let us know. Probably won't impact the FW solution or get ASUS to move any quicker, but never hurts to have more knowledge.

Ok i will have a try then i let you know. 

Sorry for my english and thanks for your time

Level 8

@Cincilleo @AustinT 

To workaround, as described, just turn the monitor off and on again using the remote, every time it was off for longer than a few minutes. So after a night, or after being afk. It doesn't need to be off for a few minutes. Just a second is enough.

In case you still can't reproduce this: It "could" be that the deciding factor if the issue happens or not is not so much a "long downtime", but if the real, wanted, automatic pixel cleaning happened during the downtime (where the LED turns orange). So if you're still not getting further, keep the monitor on for longer than 1 hour initially, so the pixel cleaning in standby will trigger (I think either 4 or 8 hours). Then turn it on after and play Youtube for 4 hours.

Level 9

You are talking about the led changing color; mine never does, it's always red. The rog logo in the middlebottom of the screen. 

I have one of the first pg48uq, preordered before release.