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PG42UQ SEVERE color mapping issue in HDR

Level 7

I have compared the same scene of fellow travelers in 2 monitors (Sony x95l/Acer XV322QK)
)and v028 v040 firmware.
The result is as following.
Test results

As you can EASILY tell, the skin tone on FW V040 is significantly off.
The red and yellow tones are oversaturated, making it look as if he has jaundice.
The same issue exists in V033 and V037, where the skin tone is way off.

I'm not sure if ASUS team is aware of this issue, but it is as severe as the washed out issue in terms of color accuracy.
Just bring back the calibration in V028 PLEASE.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @zell0323 ,

based on your issue, may I ask if you conducted the tests with HDR enabled? 

Besides enabling HDR, are your other settings all in default mode? 

Please reset all settings to default first.

Additionally, because the official team received user feedback on HDR issues in version 037, HDR performance was optimized in version 040. 

Do you still experience the yellowish skin tone issue in versions 037/040/033 as well as 031? 

Please provide the following information: motherboard/CPU/DRAM/HDD/PSU models, monitor serial number (please provide via private message), type of signal cable used, and BIOS version. Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Level 7

Everything is in default.
V033 and V037 has the exact issue( skin tones are off the same way v040 is), along with other flaws which i think is not the point here.
I don't know there you got the feedback, but there is plenty of complaints about V040 on reddit. (one of them is mine)
Those who consider HDR  "fixed" probably didn't notice the skin color, where the color issue matters the most.
Or maybe it's just because v033 and v037 were so bad that they think the HDR problem got fixed in V040.
An easy way to check it is to examine the color difference in V028 and V040 from your side. It's a HUGE difference.
Just revert the calibration to what it is like in V028 then problem solved.
User can choose whichever color they want.

As for the PC info, I will message you the information you need, though I don't know why you need my cpu and motherboard as those don't matter at all. I can also reproduce this issue with PS5.