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PG34WCDM no input until Windows is loading.

Level 7


I got the mentioned screen and just changed it against my LG IPS one, no hardware/software changes except installing the WHQL driver for the monitor and updated firmware to MCM103. 

When i boot/restart my pc, it won't get any input from my DP cable / gpu (4090) until Windows loads. I can't see the bios/mainboard logo at all. There the screen is still in standby mode. 

I tried connecting my LG as second monitor again then and that one is showing up bios logo until Windows loads and the Asus turns on. Then it swaps over to the Asus as it is configured as main screen.

So its only that screen making the issue not my pc. 
How can i fix this? 

My hardware :

13900k - Z790-F Gaming Wifi I - 4090 - 64gb ddr5 6400 - 1000W Platinum Corsair - 990 Pro Nvme ... 


Hopefully there will be a fix for this from Asus! 

Thank you


Level 7

No one from Asus even give help here?

Super Moderator

Hi @xLuxSoldi3Rx 

I've moved this post to ROG Care for attention of service.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090