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PG34WCDM HDR looks bad

Level 8


I have problem with ASUS PG34WCDM HDR performance. My system is 5800X3D with 4070 Ti.
When playing Destiny 2 with HDR image has effects of posterization and banding.
Same issue is also seen in Diablo 4 and watching HDR content.

I have tryed DP and HDMI cables, brightness 90 and 100, updated firmware to 103, Windows HDR calibration and different HDR modes.
It looks to me that this is monitor firmware issue seening others have this problem as well.
When there will be a fix?

Edit for more info.


Level 7

Same here I'm also using firmware 103 tried multiple cables and ports and different settings looks like HDR is broken and no news on a fix might have to just return the monitor 

Yeah kinda sucks that HDR is unusable. I got this monitor for my birthday and all I can say it's great SDR monitor but HDR is a disaster in it's current state. I really hope ASUS will fix it.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Cybermann @joshyosh ,

thank you for providing the information. 

We need more details to help you resolve this issue. Could you please clarify if the HDR issue occurs when the brightness is set to 100 or below 100? 

If possible, could you provide some screenshots of the abnormal display? 

This will help us better understand the issue. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.


I took 2 photos one with HDR enabled and another one with SDR. The one with HDR has banding in clouds, image is washed out and over brightened.

I have tried brightness brightness 100 and below 100. I don't see noticeable difference.
One issue that I noticed today is monitor goes to standby I can only wake it up by turning it off and on again.

I have the same issue but I ended up returning mine and I found a good deal on an Alienware OLED monitor 

Can't return mine and I have to live with whatever I got. Hope they can fix it.
Alienwere is going to serve you well I think.


Is there been any update on HDR issue?
Have you been able to replicate the issue and is there is fix in the works?

Level 8

I noticed that while with HDR on yellow/orange feels overly exposed, like skin color looks artificial instead of natural