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PG34WCDM HDR issue, overexposure

Level 7

Hello, I've recently purchased this monitor and have already had to swap it once. First one came with a faulty panel. Second one came without that issue, but introduced a new one which is apparently extremely common in this forum. HDR doesn't work properly. On the first monitor, despite the issue with the pixels it had, HDR was perfect. On this one, any brightness below 100 has some of the worst visual artifacts I've ever seen, overexposure dialed to 11. And with brightness set to 100, I genuinely can not even tell if HDR is even on, I mean, something is on, but it makes it look worse than with HDR Off, and it wasn't the case with the first monitor, every brightness worked fine there too. I've tried multiple applications and games, including two other PCs.

There was one variable changed between the swap of both monitors. The first one was always on firmware version 101. This one I immediately updated to 103 without testing HDR prior, so I am unaware if the issue is with the monitor or the firmware update. I've asked asus support for a possibility to rollback the update but the only answer I've gotten is to swap the monitor again and I'd rather not wait another week. This is an astounding experience for something that costs what it costs. If not possible to rollback, am I able to test one of the beta firmware updates such as 201? I've managed to find the files shared by some other users on this forum but on attempting to update it fails at 50%, could it be because my monitor was bought in Portugal? 

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated friends, sorry if I sound annoyed, it has been a month of this. Annexed I have linked a video showcasing the issue. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @TylerNath ,

we have sent you the messege via PM box, kindly check the messege and confirm.

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Level 8

Will there be a fix via update, or we have to send the monitors back? It's already a long time without a fix.

Level 7

I also want to know that.

Level 8

Honestly i suggest you to return it if you can, like this issue it's been here from the start of this product, imagine 6 months and asus firmware team can't find a fix, i highly doubt they know what they are doing at this point, throwing some random firmware to people via private message, and nothing changes different firmware same issue