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PG34WCDM HDR issue no.99

Level 8

Ok so apparently I have to make a new post for this same HDR issue everyone is having. Anyway, like everyone else in here I’m having issue with HDR even with the latest 103 firmware installed. Here are stuff I haven’t seen anyone else mention though:

- Peak brightness slider under NVIDIA RTX HDR locked to 700 nits while window calibration report this monitor to be 1100 nits. This issue apparently had happened on many other OLED monitors including the PG32UCDM and was fixed with a firmware update but still not addressed for the PG34WCDM

- There is no noticeable difference between HDR brightness level 90 and 100

- Overexposure is also present when playing on console (PS5) just want to include this in case this becomes a separated issue. - Overexposure is also even more severe when using video capture and replaying the recorded videos

Would love for Asus representatives to help address these issues



Customer Service Agent

Hi @zuizui321 ,

Thank you for your detailed inquiry. 

In order to assist you better with resolving the issue, we need further clarification. Here are some additional questions:

  1. Did these issues occur when you first started using the product, or did they arise after the recent firmware version update?
  2. Is your current firmware version 103?
  3. What type of signal cable are you currently using to connect the monitor? Have you tried using other signal cables for cross-testing? Does the problem persist?
  4. What is the model of the graphics card you are currently using? Are you connecting the monitor to a laptop? Please provide the model numbers of all the devices you are currently using.
  5. Have you confirmed that your graphics card and other drivers are updated to the latest versions?
  6. You mentioned that HDR can only be locked at 700. Which HDR mode are you referring to? Does this issue occur in every mode?
  7. Please provide a video showing the issue when it occurs (such as the brightness being locked at 700 or abnormal screen display when HDR is enabled). Please provide the video in MP4 file format.
  8. Please privately message me the product serial number of your monitor.

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

1. I can’t remember but i do noticed that thing become brighter and more vibrant after updating to 103

2. yes my current firmware is 103

3. I’m current using the displayport cable that comes with the monitor. I have tried a different DP and the issue remains

4. Currently using a 4090 asus tuf and no I’m connecting the monitor directly to my pc

5. All my graphic card drivers are up to date

6. Currently using gaming HDR mode and the 700 nits is the maximum that Nvidia RTX HDR peak brightness slider allowed me (this is a monitor issue because RTX HDR is reading brightness value directly from the monitor’s EDID). This issue occurs in every HDR mode

Here are some fruit picture that show overexposure on monitor, I took them with my phone. I also included a picture that show my window calibration having this monitor at 1100nits while RTX HDR only allow up to 700



Also here is a link to the videos i took. I have also included a video of my using video capture while playing a game called “Lost Ark” and it shows that overexposure is worse on video capture:


Have you received any help or been able to resolve this issue yet?

Not yet