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PG34WCDM HDR Fix/Issue

Level 9

It appears ASUs customer service are contacting people privately via message in relation to a clear issue with the HDR implementation on the PG34WCDM, I have this monitor and although excellent there are bizarre exposure/gamma/polarisation issues with the HDR image with odd blooming and odd artefacts affecting certain colours,   I have updated to firmware 103 which has not helped and I have tried 201 from a YouTuber post and that did not work so rolled back to 103. 

Any assistance would be appreciated as I’d like to keep the monitor as otherwise it is exceptional. 



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Pluckybrit ,

we need more details to assist you with this issue.
Could you please clarify if the HDR problem occurs when the brightness is set to 100 or below 100? 

If possible, could you provide some screenshots showing the abnormal display?
Have you updated your display drivers? 
Have you tried cross-testing with other signal cables? 
Does the issue occur immediately after purchase? 
Please assist in confirming. This will help us better understand the issue and provide a solution. 
Thank you for your cooperation.


To answer your questions;

The issue is present when brightness is set to both 90 and 100 percent using the override. 

I have updated to 552.22 which is the latest Nvidia driver at time of writing.

I have used the cable provided an an alternative 48gb Belkin cable. 

The issue has been present since purchase but I kept the monitor because I really like it despite the issues.

Image wise I have attached a circled image of an HDR test image, the noise that can be seen is not present in SDR, this is the case with all HDR testing I have conducted and it occurs in numerous colour tones but is most obvious in flesh tones, it looks like a posterization issue.


This issue is greatly increased if you add even a little extra digital vibrancy to the image via the Nvidia control panel, I typically run at 52% however for testing this is all set to default. 

Thanks for your help?

Level 9

Is there any assistance you could provide for this £1400 monitor I purchased from your Premium brand.....I've provided everything requested and yet many people are still stuck with unusable HDR.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Pluckybrit ,

we have sent you a private message. 

Please check your messages and kindly assist us confirm. 

Thank you.

Sadly Firmware 203 has not resolved the issue it remains exactly the same...

Which is rather disappointing.