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Level 9

PG34WCDM HDR mode seems have bugs

after I enable HDR in windows the color are way off and overexposed

I need enable bright adjust and set to 100% to get it back to normal

I contact ASUS support (Taiwan) and they ask me to send the monitor back for firmware update,

I don't want send the monitor back just for firmware update .. and I throw the box away already

cloud ASUS just give us firmware update tool for this?



Level 8

Having the same issue here. Even in 100% brightness the colors look a bit washed out. I can tell since I also have a WOLED TV that I regularly game on.

Use windows built-in HDR windows hdr color calibration tool, set last chroma option to about 30% to solve the washout issue, that's on Windows


But the firmware issues need you send monitor back to asus is not acceptable 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @dynameis ,

We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing. 

Could you kindly provide the product serial number via private messege to me?

Thank you.

the SN is sent , please check 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @dynameis @AidenGuo ,

based on your issue, there are three HDR modes. 
Could you confirm if the problem occurs in all three modes? 
If so, please provide separate videos showing the issue in each mode. 
We will gather this information and forward it to our backend team for further investigation. 
Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

yes , it happen on all three mode , only solution is set brightness to 100% , check video 


you can see linus's face after I change the brightness to 100%

also test in Game( cyperpunk 2077)

PG34WCDM BUG (game) (

also , can you make OSD POPUP text not using 1000nit brightness ? I can set opacity to 0 for MENU but the POP UP still about 1000 nit , I feel it killing my eye and my panel 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @dynameis ,

thank you very much for providing the video. 

Could you please share the video with us using another method (not YouTube)? 

Please provide the original mp4 file directly. Thank you.

google photo link

the mp4 is about 150MB , can't update here or you can provide other method that I can share to you 

just realize I can upload to google drive , please check the link following