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PG32UCDM Stopped displaying after 60min

Level 7

Hi, today was a big day! My Asus ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM finally arrived and after enjoying it for about an hour, my display went black, and i can no longer access the OSD or any video on screen at all...

I have unplugged the monitor, i have reset all cables and power cycled my PC multiple times. I have connected my macbook via usb c and via HDMI and no display on the monitor at all. I cant even access the OSD when the monitor is powered on.. Its just a black screen with the red asus logo on (thats how i know its getting power and recognize a source is connected)...

Also, when i have my macbook plugged in, it recognizes the display in the Mac display settings, but wont show any display on the monitor at all. 

I am sooo bummed, I've been trying to get my hands on this monitor since Jan 1 2024, and finally got one 5 months later, and this happens right after I get it all set up...





Customer Service Agent

Hi @modkrew ,

did this issue occur right from the beginning of usage?
Have you tried connecting to different devices? Does the monitor display properly?
Did you make any changes or modifications to the settings before the black screen occurred?
If you have already performed cross-testing and the monitor is still in a black screen state, we recommend that you bring the monitor to an authorized dealer or official service center for further assistance. Thank you.

  • The issue occurred after an hour of usage, which I’ve clearly stated in my above message. 

    - I have tried connecting to multiple different devices & still a black screen… not even displaying the OSD 👎


  • the monitor did display properly for 1hr of usage then stopped out of no where…


  • I did not make any changes or modifications to the screen before this happen.

I have already created a RMA with ASUS technical support & have shipped the monitor back for repair. This was the worst inconvenience possible since I was leaving town the day this happen and caused me a giant head ache since I wanted to ship it back so the unreasonable wait time you guys provide would be exhausted while I’m out of town. It’s really a shame to receive a defective unit from such a prestigious company in the tech world, and even worse I doubt I’m going to receive any type of compensation for the massive inconvenience that this has caused.