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pg32ucdm sound issues

Level 7

If i connect my speakers to the lineout of the pg32ucdm monitor, and got pc connectect with a DP cable and a tv box with ultra high speed hdmi, sound volume will be 0% for some seconds as soon it get quite during watching movie at pc/tv box.
It looks like a firmware issue that if sound get lower then a certain volume % then it will be 0% for some seconds (1 a 3 seconds) before it pickup again.
First i thought it was a pc driver issue , but same problem is with the tv box (external hardware connected to HDMI).
I already did reset the monitor and did install latest pg32ucdm firmware. Did not solve the issue.
For now i connected speaker to pc again, and no issue with sound now.

Unfortunally i cannot use the tv box that connected to hdmi at monitor , couse no sound (speakers are connected to pc).
Could you please look into this issue and check if this is a monitor/firmware issue ? Or is it related to speakers (i dont think it is)?