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PG32UCDM power surge on USB port

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I picked up my new PG32UCDM yesterday and installed it. It works fine overall but as soon as I plug the USB upstream ports into my PC Windows will complain that an unknown device uses too much power. The downstream USB ports consequently also don't work. Tried different USB settings on the monitor but results are always the same.


This happens on two different Windows PCs and also on a MacBook, via both the USB-B and USB-C ports. Therefore I'm sure it's not an issue on the PC or cable end. Is this a known problem? I was able to at least install FW 103 but that didn't change anything. Maybe someone else had that issue and has a hint before I have to return it (which would suck cause they are barely ever available in any shop...)


Level 8

Bro,I have PG34WCDM,same issue,IDK what's wrong with the new gen of ROG OLED series,maybe they used the faulty


usb chip on the new OLED series.

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I've moved this thread to ROG Care for attention of service.

@Jonasen, if using a different panel best to create your own thread 👍

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Level 7

Tested this on DP, HDMI and USB-C and all exhibit the same power surge behavior. Pretty sure this is a hardware issue at this point but given this monitor is only available in stores every full moon I wasn't even able to exchange it yet. Shop told me I can send it to Asus but that would take 4-5 weeks which would be a problem without another monitor available...