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PG32UCDM Pixel Cleaning

Level 8

I have a few questions about how pixel cleaning operates on this monitor as well as the reminder setting.

I know that the manual states "This function will automatically activate when the monitor is turned off."  Does the monitor run the pixel cleaning every single time you turn the monitor off or only when certain thresholds of usage have been met?  Prior to owning this monitor I had the AW3225QF and that monitor ran the pixel cleaning after a power off only after 4 hours of usage accrued following a previous pixel cleaning.

I also understand that the monitor will operate a pixel cleaning when in standby (after a few minutes in standby the power indicator should flash a few times, return to solid while it runs, then flash a few times again at the end of the cleaning, then return to solidi again.). Is that correct?  And does that run on every standby or only after a certain amount of usage has accrued since the last pixel cleaning was run?

I always turn off my monitor and PC when I am done using them for the day, I don't use sleep mode or standby modes overnight, and I have the monitor itself set to sleep after 10 minutes so I would only run into standby during the day when I take breaks from the PC, grab something to eat, walk my dogs, etc.  However there's still no way of knowing if the power light is amber if its cleaning since it only flashes at the start and stop of the cycle and not constantly in the way it does when you run manually.

If either of these are triggered by an accrued usage is that in conjunction to how you have set your pixel cleaning reminder?  Or will it run like literally every time you turn off the monitor and the monitor is powered off for x amount of minutes.  It's just confusing with no indicator being given when powered off (as in the aw3225qf still has its power indicator turn green during a cleaning cycle when powered off.)

Also I have had the pixel cleaning reminder pop up 30 minutes after I have run a manual cleaning even though I have the reminder set to 4 hours.  Is the reminder itself independent of any manual cleaning, auto cleaning on power off or standby and just a feature to remind you to run it during an extra long gaming or computer usage session where you might not be powering off or letting it go into standby for x amount of hours?

I just want to make sure that I am taking proper care of the monitor.  It's literally the greatest monitor I have ever owned, it was very hard to get and I want to make sure I am doing the right thing with it.  If the pixel reminder is independent of power off/on timers or if you run a manual then you may end up running too often?

Are we certain that it runs the cleaning when powered off and pc powered off since there is no indicator?

Sorry this is just really confusing me :(. Some days I have only used the monitor for 2-3 hours at a time (just busy with RL and other things right now) and then power off, the next day I get a reminder 1 hours into use so I run it, but does that mean it didn't run when I powered off?  It's starting to seem like the reminder feature is just independent of manual / power off / standby cleaning.

Can anyone from ASUS confirm any of this or shed any light on it?

Edit - Also if you ignore the pixel cleaning reminder that pops up (i.e. - I'm in the middle of a game and can't stop to run it or even hit the joystick to click no) will it just restart your desired reminder interval or wait until you have run a cleaning (of any method)?


Level 8

I think that the pixel cleaning reminder is not actually tied to any accrued usage after a previous cleaning but rather just an internal alarm timer you can set for a convenience / reminder during longer usage sessions where you might not be letting the monitor go into standby long enough for the system to initiate a cleaning or powering off.

Yesterday I had the pixel cleaning reminder (set to 4 hours on my system) pop up shortly (not even 30 minutes) after I had run a manual cleaning.  The display did indicate the cleaning was successful so this puzzled me.  I waited about an hour an 15 minutes (give or take) after that pop up to turn off my system because that is just when I happened to be done using my computer for the day.  I decided to run a manual cleaning just before power off so that I could test the timing of everything. 

I am still not certain there is anyway we can confirm the display is actually running the cleaning after powering the display off (or how often it does this, as in what if I have to turn on my system to check something and shut it off then turn it back on an hour later for 2 hours, would it clean twice in that interval?). This reddit post may shed some light on the power off cleaning ( via testing with a volt meter.

That being said when I used my system today I got a pixel cleaning remind before 4 hours usage today (which would be 4 hours accrued since a power off cleaning if applicable or at least since I did a manual cleaning just before power off) but about 2 hours and 45 minutes after power on today which would put it at 4 hours of usage since the last reminder (which again is NOT 4 hours of accrued usage since the last pixel cleaning.)

If this all sounds clear as mud it certainly is.  ASUS needs to clarify how the reminder works because at this point it definitely doesn't appear to be tied to any sort of accrued usage since the last automatic or manual cleaning.  I wish ASUS would also clarify the power off cleaning and wether or not that occurs every single power off of if there is any sort of accrued usage timer the display uses to trigger that (and the standby version as well.)

This display (HDR 1000 issues not withstanding) outclasses its competing model by Dell in every way except the pixel cleaning.  Their version is simple and easy to follow with a green/yellow light in the OSD and a green light on the power indicator when its cleaning and its always off of accrued usage time in between.

The PG32UCDM makes it very confusing to understand when its automatically cleaning (power off / standby and how often) or if the 'reminder' timer is tied to anything.  It seems to not be.

I did disable the timer today (set to off then waited 5 minutes and set back to on) and ran a manual cleaning to see if that would at least sync the timer back up with my cleaning cycles.  Sometimes when gaming its impossibru to just stop everything to clean when the pop up occurs or even hit the joystick to hit yes or no so I don't know how much the timer drifts, but it DEF does not reset its 4 hour (or however you have it set) after you actually run a cleaning.

ASUS please clarify all of this.  B/c I def do not want to run too many pixel cleanings if not necessary.  I mean if the 4 hour window pops and I am going to turn the system off in an hour anyway I can wait that hour for the auto clean instead of running a manual and then have it running another auto an hour later, etc.  I don't think anyone wants to overdo this process on their expensive monitor and reduce the overall lifespan of the panel.

I will update again after I use the display/system next time to see how the timer lines up.  I had 1 hour 15 minutes of usage post manual clean when I set the timer to off and restarted it at 4 hours.

Hi @GingerKitty ,

according to your question, the PG32UCDM monitor will automatically perform pixel cleaning when it is turned off, and the indicator light on the monitor will flash orange. 

You can refer to the diagram and user manual for more information. 


Regarding the issue with the pixel cleaning reminder, you mentioned that you have set it to remind every four hours, but it actually pops up after 30 minutes. If you reset it to remind every four hours, does the issue still occur? 

About ignore the reminder, does it restart the reminder interval, we will confirm this with the relevant team. 

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Thank you for posting screenshots of what the manual indicates but that is what my question was about in the first place, the first paragraph of my first post indicated what the manual states.

The reminder seems to function independently of when an actual pixel cleaning occurs.  Testing confirms this regardless of what you have the timer set to.

For instance, lets say you had the timer untouched and on the 8 hour factory setting.  You use your pc / monitor for 4 hours then power off.  According to the manual the pixel cleaning would occur at power off.  If you turn your system on the next day you would get a pixel cleaning reminder after 4 hours (due to the previously elapsed 4 hours of use) ... not after a fresh 8 hours which is what it should be because the pixel cleaning would have occurred when you powered the system off.

That is what I was trying to confirm or understand.  Does the pixel cleaning reminder take any cleanings which you perform manually or which happen automatically as a result of the monitor power off into account.  I can say for certain on my monitor (fw 103) it does not.  Which means depending on much you use the monitor in between reminders you may end up having the cleaning run too often (by virtue of a power off cleaning and then if you get a reminder inside that window and clean again.)

The dell monitor is 4 hours which always resets as soon as a cleaning is performed (manual or automatic as a result of power off) with a clear indicator in the OSD as to wether or not you are past due.

For instance, I have my timer now set to 8 hours.  I used my monitor today after having it powered off since Monday and within 3 hours of use the pixel cleaning reminder popped up  (because I had 5 hours of usage on Monday after the prior cleaning reminder popped up). It really should not have done that if the cleaning occurred during a power off.  It should have reset to 8 hours.  This makes it really confusing and it is worrisome that too frequent of a cleaning may occur.

Also if you use the monitor for 2 hours power off, then use it for another 1 hours power off, is it running a cleaning for each power off? That's a bit too frequent no?  Does it have any internal timer regarding power off / standby cleaning so it doesn't run it too often?

As is the timer seems more of an alarm clock for usage sessions which exceed a threshold (as set by the user for 2/4/8 hours) than anything else.  It simply pops up at ever x amount of hours regardless of any other automatic or manual cleanings that have been performed.  You can reset the timer by turning it off, exiting osd (not sure if that is required) then setting it on again for a new amount of hours.  But b/c of this there's really no way to confirm if the cleaning actually ran during power off.  You can set it, run a manual, have an auto run (power off / standby) etc. and no matter what it it will just pop up again after whatever interval you had it set to, not taking any cleaning into account.

And the pixel cleaning light will NOT flash orange after power off.  Once you power off the indicator will not light at all.  Multiple people have confirmed this here and on reddit, it will only flash constantly during a manual cleaning, or flash 5x during the start of a stand by cleaning (then return to a solid light) and then 5x again in standby when the cleaning has finished (then return to a solid light again) so the manual is also misleading on that point. (

Again tho, I can read the manual it's misleading compared to the monitors actual behavior.

Level 10


I'm also very curious about this since I just tested a PG34WCDM  (MCM103) do 2 pixel clean (orange led blinking) in about 40 minutes of testing. Used it for 10 minute, having it in standby for 5 mins(first pixel clean) using it for 20 min and having it in stanby for 5 mins again (second pixel cleran). That's seems VERY excessive. Is this the intended behaviour? Would it be better that this automatic pixel clean start only after hours of usage instead?