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PG32UCDM minor issue

Level 9

Hi all, I'd like to report an issue I believe no one else has mentioned yet, maybe no one else has experienced it?.

On my unit, when windows turns the display off as part of an energy plan or by suspending the pc, after 5mins its controller cuts power to the argb chip and the fixed red lighting on the stand, to recover it needs setting any other "LIGHT IN MOTION" mode other than the current or OFF in the OSD or turning the monitor off then on again.

If I'm not alone, I'm confident it's something that might be fixable with new firmware.


Thanks for reading, regards.




Level 7

Yep, exactly same bug in my PG32UCDM

Sorry to hear, but on the other hand I'm a bit glad it's widespread.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Swatted @K0200679 ,

have you encountered the issue of RGB lighting on the monitor being disconnected when Windows turns off the monitor or when the host enters sleep mode? By RGB lighting, do you mean the ROG logo pattern on the back of the monitor? 

Did this issue occur right after purchasing the monitor, or did it happen after some updates? 

Have you used Armoury Crate to configure the lighting? May I ask whether you currently enable "Aura Sync" or "Aura RGB" option?

Currently, your "Light in Motion" setting is set to off. However, do you need to adjust it to another state (LV1-3) after the issue occurs?

Are all OSD menu settings on the monitor currently set to default? 

What is the current version of your operating system? 

What signal cable are you currently using for the connection? 

Have you ensured that both the graphics card drivers and monitor firmware are up to date? Please provide the current versions. 

Additionally, could you assist in recording a video of the issue occurring for further investigation? Please provide the video in the original MP4 format. 

Please provide the following information: motherboard/CPU/DRAM/HDD/PSU models, and BIOS version. 

Also, please provide the monitor's serial number via private message.

Thank you

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG , thanks for taking the time to look into it.

IMO the most relevant information revealed by my testing after your queries is that the issue happens using BOTH dp and hdmi BUT, when using hdmi the issue only occurs 5 minutes after the computer enters sleep state ( BUT not after windows turns off the display as per windows energy plan). Using Display Port exposes the issue in both instances. Notably, the monitor's power indicator blinks amber twice then shuts off before the inability to resume lighting normally as the host signals the display to return to operation presents itself.

Replies to your other questions in the same order in which you asked them:

The issue we've encountered is not limited to the RGB ROG logo "matrix" on the back of the monitor, it also includes the red lights in the stand aka "Light in Motion". Power indicator on the monitor's chin is unaffected. To clarify, also affected lighting is the  projected rog logo and the chevrons surrounding the "hub" of the stand are also affected (both accents share the same light source I believe).

The issue happened right out of the box, no Armoury Crate, no updates (no fw because it's not out yet and no drivers). But has also happened after installing Armoury Crate and the official asus drivers.

Yes, I've configured the lighting in Armoury Crate in various ways. The issue happens when the monitor's rgb is synched with the rest of the components or when it is assigned an independent lighting profile. It also happened before Armoury Crate was installed when any of the modes in "Aura RGB" in the OSD were active, same thing nowadays that Armoury Crate is installed, so it happens in both modes: "Aura RGB" and "Aura Sync".

Let's assume the starting point is "LIGHT IN MOTION" setting set to OFF in the OSD (in which case they'd remain off when the "unexpected" behavior happens), in that case we would need to set "LIGHT IN MOTION" to 1,2 or 3 in order to get back the RGB lighting on the back (and the red lights in the stand if they were on when the bug occurs).

I must confess I first observed the issue happening when I already had tweaked some settings so I went back, reset everything to factory settings via the OSD option  and can now confirm that the issue is present in that scenario as well.

Windows 11 Pro / Version 23H2 / Installed ‎16/‎03/‎2024 / OS ver. 22631.3296 / Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22687.1000.0

GPU Drivers 551.86 / Monitor FW MCM102 (lol I wish, it's MCM101)

On this I'm afraid I must ask for clarification. Do you mean me to record since the moment the system enters sleep or windows turns the display off until the monitor's lighting shuts off, then the host resuming and the lighhting not coming back on until "LIGHT IN MOTION" is changed in the OSD or the monitor is power-cycled? would a shorter sequence with only the failing to resume part in it suffice?

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E / CPU: 11700k / DRAM: G.Skill Trident Neo 4xF4-3600C16-16GTZNC / HDD: Crucial T500 Pro / PSU: Corsair HX1200i / BIOS: 2001

I'm PM'ing you my monitor's SN.

Eagerly waiting on any updates, thanks.

Level 9

I just saw TFTCentral's tweet on the improvements MCM102 is bringing about and it seems this


Would also fix the issue reported in this thread. @Aureliannn_ROG am I eligible to try it out?

Level 9

Just an update to confirm this particular issue with the argb logo on the back hasn't been fixed with MCM102. The "light in motion" part is fixed tho so great job 👍

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Swatted ,

Thank you very much for your feedback!
We are pleased to have been able to help you resolve the issue. 
If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask.
We are here to assist you.
Thank you.

My apologies, I should have been more clear:

The RGB logo issue IS NOT fixed in MCM102
The "Light in motion" (projected logo and chevrons on the base) issue IS fixed in MCM102

You just solved 0.5 issue and please solve the other 0.5. Then, you can say you resolved "the issue".