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PG32UCDM KVM Issue Disconnecting Devices (Firmware v103)

Level 8

Greetings fellow humans!

If you're using the KVM on your PG32UCDM (regardless of firmware, I'm on 103 and also had issues on 102) can you try rapidly pressing Ctrl with your keyboard connected to the monitor and see what happens?

If I press either the left or right Ctrl key 3 times in rapid succession (or a combo), all KVM devices disconnect and I have to change the KVM setting from USB-B to C and back or vice versa (if using a USB-C video upstream, like a laptop) to get them working again.

Additionally, I have another issue. If my mouse is also connected, and I've only noticed this in Helldivers at the moment, but after firing a charge weapon, such as the Quasar, the KVM disconnects my devices. Like above, I have to swap the input selection to restore function to both keyboard and mouse. For now, I have a workaround. I am wired into my gaming PC with the mouse and then use the wireless with my work laptop. This stops the KVM dying mid-helldive.

It doesn't matter if I was wired into the monitor with my mouse or the wireless dongle was, it'd still die. Someone else did also have something similar I noticed on Reddit, though he mentioned it happening if the left and right mouse buttons were pressed for ~5 sec the same would happen, but this didn't have the same effect for me. However, his KVM also dies when pushing Ctrl 3 times in a row.

I've tried changing auto-KVM settings etc. but these don't seem to have had any effect.

I'm already in the process of raising a case, but if it's not just me, i'd like to bring a bit more attention to it, and hopefully get some of the issues ironed out.


Level 8

I am on the latest firmware, 103? I think, and i have the same issue, with a keyboard and mouse connected to the monitor, it would randomly, disconnect as well, especially when in using a charge weapon. Please look into this issue!

I got in touch with Asus support and they want to RMA after I sent them videos of my issue. We'll see what I get back. Still awaiting collection so might be a little while.

Thanks for the update, that is a shame, I thought it might just be fixable via firmware update. I will probably just get mine exchanged then. 

Level 8

Hey, I don’t know if you tried this or not, but when I plugged the monitor in with a HDMI cable, the USB disconnecting issue went away. Can you also try this and let me know if it’s the case for you too?

I've been using HDMI the whole time sadly, though I'm glad you've had some kind of resolution. Someone else has the same issue on Reddit though their response from Asus was less than encouraging.


My device is still away for repair though I've yet to hear back, so I can't try anything anything else at present.

Level 8

That's unfortunate, even though it's working with HDMI, I would still like the problem to be fixed with DP. I have another one coming in near the end of the month and will test it with both. If the issue isn't on the other one, then I will let you know and maybe the Reddit user as well.

Level 7

Same thing happening to my monitor as well, I'm going to start up a ticket with Asus tomorrow, but I am curious if this is common issue, and people are just not using the KVM or rare defects.

You can try a different cable! I was only having this issue when plugged via the included DP cable, after switching to the included HDMI and/or a VESA certified DP cable the issue went away.

When using the included HDMI cable my main display would just go black occasionaly. I believe it is a faulty cable as other HDMI works perfectly fine. I did testthe triple tapping of CTRL still causes it to disconnect.

I don't think i have a VESA certified DP cable, but I will get one and test that out.