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PG32UCDM KVM firmware updates?

Level 7

Just got the PG32UCDM, and it's KVM could use some updates for it's firmware, specifically:

1. The KVM will not swap with both mouse and keyboard connected while both the connected HDMI and DP over USB-C are connected and turned on. Just keyboard swap works, and swap while devices are both powered off works. Should be able to work at any time.

2. When you swap between displays, the USB hub devices (M+K) should swap as well, or at least have this be a feature you can toggle. Having to set two separate settings (first video, then kvm) to swap between is annoying.

3. Add a standby option for the power menu. Currently it's only off or on, which is inconvenient if you want to power usb devices with the screen off.

4. Make the text cleaner in the OSD, or make the size scaleable to make it cleaner. For such an expensive monitor the text looks very bad (in english at least).