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PG32UCDM excessive pixel cleaning

Level 8

I recently got my PG32UCDM and it seems like the automatic pixel cleaning runs every time the screen goes to standby for 5 minutes regardless of the time since the last pixel cleaning. I observed the LED blinking 5 times when the process starts and the 5 times again when it finishes, then I used the screen for a few minutes, let it go to standby and the pixel cleaning started again after 5 minutes. And it doesn't seem to reset the reminder timer either. It's set for 8 hours and goes off every 8 hour regardless of whether an automatic pixel cleaning happened in the meantime or not. This seems very strange to me, is this normal? FW version is MCM103


Level 8

Also, the reminder seems to count standby time as well, not only screen-on time. This morning it showed right after turning on the PC, but it was in standby the whole night so surely it did a pixel cleaning after turning off the PC. This entire feature just seems to be very buggy.

Level 8

I have a new (got it yesterday) 32UDCM. It wants me to perform pixel cleaning very often, but when I do it, it says "pixel cleaning unsuccessful". I disabled screensaver (black image after 2 minutes) and now I tried to change Windows option to turn off monitor from five minutes to ten minutes, but same problem. Monitor seems to work fine. No dead pixels I can notice. No retention. Pixel cleaning also seems to take as much time as it should.

So I have now some additional information. I used to try to perform pixel cleaning from Asus software, but it did not work. Now I realized I could try it directly from monitors settings and that worked flawlessly right away. Maybe some bug in Asus software? I have the latest one, downloaded yesterday. Monitor is connected via DisplayPort. Monitors software is MCM103. Computer has Win11 with all updates and graphics adapter is Nvidia with latest drivers.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Vertic ,

based on your question, please refer to the following explanation:

According to your description, when the monitor enters standby mode for five minutes, the pixel refresh function will be activated. 

There are two different behaviors of the indicator light:

A. When the power indicator light is on, after five minutes in standby mode, the ROG logo will flash five times, and then the pixel refresh process will start and last for about 5-6 minutes. After completion, the ROG logo will flash five times again.

B. When the power indicator light is off, after five minutes in standby mode, the monitor will automatically perform pixel refresh, and the ROG logo will not flash. After completion, the monitor will remain in standby mode.

According to the default settings by the manufacturer, the monitor will remind users to perform pixel refresh every four hours. 

You can execute the pixel refresh by pressing "Confirm" in the monitor's OSD menu. 

[LCD Monitor] ROG OLED Gaming Monitor Pixel cleaning process. | Official Support | ASUS Global

Please confirm if you have set the interval for pixel refresh and if the refresh is performed according to your settings. 

Thank you!

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.


I've read the manual prior to posting, thank you. I've set the reminder, but still I think this is not working as intended.I understand that the manual doesn't explicitly say that the pixel cleaning will perform only at the set intervals, on the contrary, it does suggest that it will perform pixel cleaning whenever the screen is off, regardless of the time passed since the last pixel cleaning. However, in my opinion that's not how it's supposed to work and I thought the manual is just worded incorrectly and doesn't precisely describe of the actual process.

My expectation would be:

1. The device keeps track of screen-on time, and if the specified amount of _screen-on time_ (i.e. not counting standby) has passed without a successful pixel clean, then remind the user to perform it. Currently it looks like it counts standby as on-time as well.

2. A successful pixel clean should reset the timer. Currently it does not do that.

3. When the monitor goes to standby or it's turned off, pixel cleaning should only happen IF the set amount screen-on time has passed since the last successful pixel clean. I.e. if a pixel clean has finished, let's say, half an hour ago, there is no point in doing it again.

The severity of this issue depends on whether or not pixel cleaning shortens the lifetime of the panel. I don't know that, so my question is, does it matter how often the pixel cleaning is performed in terms of panel health? Is there such a thing as too frequent pixel cleaning?
If there is, then I think this is a more serious issue. If it doesn't affect the longevity of the panel in a bad way, then my only issue is that the reminder comes up way too often - but I can always disable it.
Also, I miss the feature found in other manufacturers' OLEDs where you would be able to check the cumulative screen-on time, the time passed since the last successful pixel clean, and the total number of pixel cleans performed.

Thanks you

Level 9

I also can confirm two problems:
- After any manual pixel cleaning (lasts about 6 min) I have this message: Pixel cleaning is unsuccessful, try after 60 min (should I be worried?)
- Pixel cleaning timer is total mess. Its just count time between its own messages, it didn’t take into account if the pixel cleaning was executed or not

Automatic pixel cleaning in standby seems like works fine. Its flashes 5 times and after 6 min flashes again. But how I could be sure it really successful?

Intel i7-13700K / Kingston DDR5 32GB 6000Mhz / ASUS TUF Z790 / PALIT RTX 4090

Level 8

- When I perform pixel cleaning through monitor itself, it sometimes passes and sometimes not. Why is this?

- And how often are you supposed to perform pixel cleaning?

- I also updated firmware to MCM105. When you try to do it normally, it fails without any useful error message - other people have this problem too. So with my experience with PC hardware, I realized running this software from user account and offering elevated rights might not be enough, so I logged in as admin and ran the update software from there and firmware update was successful. This however did not fix the pixel cleaning issue.

- This monitor seems a bit half baked firmware wise when common features do not work as expected, nor offer any useful error message. Asus really should do better...