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PG32UCDM - Enable HDR with USB-C connection to Macbook Pro

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I recently got my PG32UCDM and it works great with my PC and HDMI connection. Now I also has this Macbook Pro 2019 and connect with USB-C to utilize the KVM function. However, I cannot find HDR options in System Preference > Displays. Any idea how to enable HDR for USB-C in MacOS? Thank you.


Super Moderator

Hi @shela

According to Apple's support site this should be possible via the Display Settings sub menu.

Supported external HDR displays

  • Use an HDR10-compatible display that connects to the Thunderbolt or HDMI port of your Mac.

If your Mac doesn't automatically enable HDR for the display, enable it in Displays settings.

  • Choose Apple menu  > System Settings (or System Preferences), then click Displays. In Displays settings for the external display, make sure that High Dynamic Range is turned on. This setting appears only on third-party displays that support HDR10, not on built-in displays. If you don't want to use HDR on your external display, turn this setting off.

  • Choose Apple menu  > System Settings (or System Preferences), then click Battery or Energy Saver. Click the Options button, if present. If “Optimize video streaming while on battery” is turned on, your Mac saves energy by playing HDR video in standard dynamic range (SDR) while on battery power. To play in HDR, connect your Mac to power or deselect this checkbox.

  • HDR content might play at resolutions no greater than 1080p on Intel-based Mac mini, Intel-based MacBook Pro, and Intel-based MacBook Air models, depending on the HDR content and the display on which it is viewed.


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