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pg32ucdm doesn`t remember settings

Level 8

One of the selling points of pg32ucdm is the ability to set brightness in HDR mode. Unfortunately, monitor does not remember this setting 😞 Just do a PC restart, change HDR to SDR and back, sometimes even just start a game, and the brightness always comes back to fixed 100%. This destroys the meaning of the possibility of brightness change and is really annoying. Asus, please fix it in firmware update !


Level 8

the displaymonitor software app also doesn't remember settings, and it will reset by itself

Hi @Bart72 ,

did you save the OSD menu settings after configuring them? 

Do the settings revert to default every time you restart or start a game? 

Could you record a video for us to reference? (Open OSD > Set HDR > Adjust brightness > Save OSD settings > Restart > Revert to SDR default)


Thank you.

Thank you for your response; I immediately felt better hoping that PG32UCDM soon will have fully refined software.

Yes, I always close the OSD menu in the indicated way.

ps. In a private message I will send links to video files (1 - hdr brightness setting locked at 100% after PC restart, 2 - same after HDR-SDR-HDR switching). 

Level 8

Problem is fixed in new firmware. Also hdr clipping issues. Thanks, Asus!! 

Pg32ucdm now it's worth every dollar 🙂