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PG32UCDM Color Accuracy Issue (Pre-Calibration)

Level 9

The screen's built-in color calibration test report shows that the screen's color accuracy in sRGB Cal mode is up to about 0.5 DeltaE.
I used i1Pro2 + i1Display Pro 3 for testing, the following are the test results of white point
CMF: 1931_2deg
Target: D65(0.3127, 0.3290)
---> 0.3112, 0.3177 dE2000: 7.5
Target: Judd offset(0.3067, 0.3180)
---> 0.3118, 0.3179 dE2000: 3.7

CMF: CIE170_2deg
Target: D65(0.3135, 0.3308)
---> 0.3165, 0.3273 dE2000: 4.6

A recent review by Rtings also pointed out that White Balance dE (Avg.) 6.02 was significantly different from the built-in color correction test report.
In addition, the gamma of this screen is also low, about 2.1.

Reviews of tftcentral and techspot a few months ago did not seem to have this problem.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Robot_M ,

we have noticed that you have also posted another article discussing color accuracy of the monitor. 

In order to avoid duplication and confusion, please refer to the other post for information. 

We will also respond to you in that post.

(1) PG32UCDM Color Accuracy Issue (Pre-Calibration) - Republic of Gamers Forum - 1021373 (

Thank you.

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