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PG32UCDM - can't enter BIOS anymore

Level 7

I can’t even get into BIOS anymore because the monitor starts to show picture at windows login, never earlier. Spamming DEL after turning on my pc or restarting it doesn’t get me to bios either, it simply makes my PC stuck, black screen, needs restart.
Did some research, seems other monitors also have this problem. Any fixes?

Other issues I have with it:

The bottom logo and the back logo sometimes don’t light up when I turn on the pc. I have to go into the monitor OSD and select another setting between 1-2-3 for the bottom logo to make both of them light up.

Toggling between HDR and SDR in windows makes the screen go black for a much longer time than my old boi PG27UQ. Alt tabbing from a game also makes the screen go black for a long time.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @GabiP ,

may I ask what is your current firmware version? 

The official has released a new firmware version which resolves the issue where the light in motion feature would become disabled after performing a pixel cleaning. Please make sure your firmware is updated. 

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Thank you.

First of all that’s a potential solution to just one of the mentioned problems.


To answer your question my monitor came with MCM101 version. I wasn’t able to update because of error "Read 5450M firmware version fail".

I see multiple threads here with people complaining that the update did more harm than good, so I’m not sure I even want to try and update

So can anyone here help with my main problem? That is not being able to enter BIOS because the monitor shows image too late? 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @GabiP ,

thank you for your inquiry. Based on your question, we have several suggestions and inquiries.

Firstly, could you please specify what signal cable you are currently using? This will help us better understand your connection environment.

Secondly, please confirm if your firmware version is still stuck on version 101. You can try updating to the latest version 103 firmware through the link provided below.

Lastly, regarding your issue with not being able to enter the BIOS, we will inquire with the backend team for further investigation and resolution. 

Once we have any further updates, we will notify you promptly.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

I was able to update to 103 a few days ago. This one actually worked, not like the 102. Still having the issue.

GPU - 4090

Cable used - included HDMI

Check the link below.

Yes, thank you for the work around. But this is not the fix I am expecting.