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PG32UCDM black screen during game sessions!!

Level 10

So i am having this issue since the day i bought the monitor.

At first it was happening during a certain game,the callisto protocol.

Now it is happening also in Destiny 2.

As i am playing these games with HDR on,after some time the screen goes black and i have to manually turn the monitor off and on again in order for the image to appear again.

I had at the beggining the factory firmware,after i updated to MCM102 and now i have the 103.

This issue seems to be consistent on all firmwares.

I know it is not related to my windows setup because on the same pc with a different monitor this does not happen.

I have my pg32ucdm connected via dp.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated!!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @silverbolt81 ,

Thank you for providing further information. 

In order to better address the issue you're facing, we need to understand some additional details. 

Firstly, does this problem also occur in previous versions? 

Additionally, when the screen goes black, is it completely black or just dimmed? 

Furthermore, you mentioned that the issue only arises when HDR is enabled, does this mean it only occurs when playing in HDR mode? 

Does the problem occur only during gaming, or does it also happen during regular usage? 

If possible, could you provide some additional details such as the duration of your gaming sessions and the frequency of the issue? 

Lastly, please provide the current signal cable connection method you are using, as well as the models of your motherboard, graphics card, and memory. 

This will help us better understand your system configuration. 

If convenient, please also assist by providing a video demonstrating how the issue can be replicated, as this will aid us in accurately diagnosing the problem. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The problem occured also in previous versions.

The screen goes completely black and not dimmed.

It happens when i play hdr games because i rarely play sdr titles so as to test it properly.

It happens only during gaming and not when doing other stuff like browsing or watching videos.

Usually it happens within the first hour of the session.

Using display port 1.4 cable

mobo is maximus z790 hero

rtx 4090 tuf oc 

32 gb ddr5/7200 mhz gskill with dual sticks

Level 8

Same. I got black screen twice while I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 in SDR mode with HDMI 2.1. You can try "All Reset" in the OSD. I did this and haven't got any black screen in game about three days after that. But I'm not sure if it's fixed. In my situation, it does not really happen so often because it's only twice and I have gotten this monitor almost one month. If it still happens, then I will doubt if it is related to the time of playing games and is caused by overheat. 

Super Moderator

@YGu727 @silverbolt81 

Check your proximity sensor settings

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Yea, proximity sensor may be the reason. Since I did "All reset", the proximity sensor should be set as default which is "off" if I'm correct. That's why I haven't encountered black screen these days. Thx.

Yesterday i turned it off and i will be monitoring to see if it was the culprit..

Thanks for the tip..

Level 10

So a couple of days have passed since i have turned off the proximity sensor and today again i started a session in Destiny 2 and within the first thirty minutes the monitor went black again.

I guess there is something else going on that triggers the black screen...

Level 8

I've also had this issue, not even in games at times, even when booting my PC and sitting at lock screen. No response to monitor buttons, trying to swap input and then it just starts working. Also checked prox sensor settings, (but good shout, always worth checking!) as on v102 I noticed it was triggering lots and could be resolved by just waving in front of it, but even on v103 I still get this.

Using HDMI, happens with & without VRR (using Radeon, so no G-sync) though I want to say I feel like it's less common without VRR enabled, but nothing concrete. Also, different HDR settings... Haven't found a common trigger for it.

Hopefully adding some weight to this gets it noticed.

Ryzen 5800X3D, Gskill DDR4-3600, Gigabyte Aorus Elite V2 Mobo and Radeon RX6800.

Level 8

I get black screen issue too. It isn't that often to be bothersome I can go through weeks without it happening then one game would go to black. I fixed it by resetting the GPU driver in windows Win+Ctrl+Shift+B or pushing the power button off then on. This is with HDR on and replacing the HDMI cable.  I'm going to try turning off the proximity sensor and see.